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I realized I haven’t formally introduced my fur baby here on my blog yet — what can I say, we are all adjusting to this new norm and it's definitely taken a toll on all of us physically and mentally. But in my case Sandy happened — she’s a life saver during these trying times. Fast forward to present day, I continue to learn more about her each day and as it happens, I have an adventurous little 7 month Welsh Corgi who loves to take off running either in the park or the beach and gets lost quite easily with her short little legs.

My initial thought in having a smart collar was the convenience of being able to track Sandy right in the palm of my hands and the sense of security when we’re out and about. Trust me, it makes a whole lot of difference in your state of mind.

Fi collars went beyond my expectations, I didn’t even know this kind of technology existed. I was quite surprised to see a REAL smart collar that is worth investing on. I received mine a week ago and I’ve been using it daily to monitor Sandy's steps and reach her ideal daily goals.

With that being said, Let’s get started with the review!