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Don’t feel guilty for doing what is best for you, do the things that make you feel like yourself.

Lately I’ve noticed that everyone is finally hopping on the #SelfCare and #SelfLove bandwagon. You guys have no idea how much that makes me happy! With all the uncertainties that’s happening to the world, It’s just a matter of time till we get sucked into the rabbit hole. And we all know it can tricky from there - one thing we can control is how we take care of our health and overall well-being. Instead of worrying about what I can’t control, I try to focus on the things I CAN control.

And it was about time I had a little upgrade in the oral health department. I’m happy to say I finally found the perfect toothbrush for me. Taking care of your mouth, teeth, and gums doesn’t just keep your breath fresh but prevent you from future cavities, gum diseases. All things considered, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve got the right tools to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Enter Quip’s Electric Toothbrush.


Quip is made for travelers and minimalists. The Quip electric toothbrush is a battery-powered sonic toothbrush. One of my favorite features is the 2-minute timer with brief pauses at 30-second intervals which help reinforce good brushing habits. Did you know that the recommended oral healthcare routine is to brush twice a day for two minutes each time and to floss at least once a day? The quip electric toothbrush makes it easy for you with the timer feature that automatically turns it off after 2 minutes. Quip brushes offer gentle sonic vibration at 15,000 strokes per minute!

Quip embodies simplicity. Their subscription allows you to have a toothbrush head, toothpaste, and battery delivered right to your front door every 3 months.

Something that struck me about Quip is how soft the bristles are - its like my gums are being massaged - and the vibrations help break up plaque while being easy on the teeth and gums. In the span of almost 2 weeks of using Quip products, I’m happily reporting less sore gums and healthier teeth, not to mention a better oral care routine. I catch myself looking forward to brushing my teeth more than the usual.


Sleek, slim, light and aesthetically pleasing. The design is also great because it’s easily transportable. When I go on a trip, it’s easy to bring along.


The electric toothbrushes start at $25. Metal brushes and limited editions ones are a bit more expensive. The one I specifically have is $40 and includes floss and travel tooth paste.

You can save money on your quip toothbrush by purchasing a refill plan. The one-time purchases may cost more upfront.I’m not gonna lie, the prices are higher compared to regular manual brushes but the benefits are real and the stylish branding makes it worth the upgrade. Here’s a gentle nudge in the right direction — to get a Quip electric toothbrush and $15 off your first refill, use think link and enter code ‘LEXIE15’ if it doesn’t automatically register the discount.

My favorite things about the Quip toothbrush are:

• Sleek, modern and aesthetically pleasing design

• One power setting: strong but gentle

• Subscription options

• 2-minute timer

• Intuitive and travel friendly lifestyle

• You can connect it to your smart phone to keep track of your oral hygiene

My not-so-favorites about the Quip toothbrush

• It may take a few attempts for the electric toothbrush to connect with smart phones

• It’s battery operated rather than rechargeable with no low indicator

• Inefficient tongue scrapping

Is Quip right for you?

Yes, it’s a great brush and absolutely worth the investment.

Do I recommend it?

Hell yes. After after personal testing and extensive research into the quip brand. Especially when you travel often and want a low-cost electric toothbrush without sacrificing design quality, this is the brush for you!

Make sure to check out and their Instagram for the latest announcements and promos. Follow @getquip and incase you missed it— to get a Quip electric toothbrush and $15 off your first refill, use think link and enter code ‘LEXIE15’ if it doesn’t automatically register the discount.

Disclosure: The link included is an affiliate link, meaning at no additional cost to

you, if you make a purchase through the link I will earn a commission.

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