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This post is sponsored by WellPet®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own

Happy Pet Dental Health Month! Our dog’s teeth are just as important as our teeth - and when it comes to chews for Sandy, I only want what’s best for her (says every dog mom). But it’s true! Isn't it? We want the most beneficial, practical and sustainable for our little fur babies!

Did you know plaque can start to build up in as little as 24 HOURS?

See here’s the thing, plaque and tartar isn’t your best friend. Sandy used to have bad breath and it was horrible. Her cuteness makes up for it, but not all the time. After using WHIMZEES® dental chews for quite some time now, I’ve noticed the improvements and especially the funky smell has faded. The key is consistency but let’s be real, daily brushing isn’t always easy, for YOU or YOUR DOG.

That’s why I recommend a WHIMZEES® a day between yearly vet visits. Imagine all the money you’re gonna save! Cha-Ching! It is recommended to always have fresh water available when feeding the chew to your dog and to supervise your dog as they chew on it to ensure the treat is adequately chewed.

And not just that, WHIMZEES® checks everything on the list - Treating the world with care a.k.a. the sustainable chew and here’s how they do it:

  • Minimizing their impact. They leverage machinery and manufacturing techniques that use 40% less energy and enable 90% of their waste to be composted

  • Reusing energy. By reusing to heat their production facilities and help power their material processing, they prevent releasing wasted energy into the environment.

  • Sourcing locally, Sourcing much of their raw materials locally reduces waste by as much as 90% through composting (the remaining 10% gets #recycled) #SupportLocal

  • Reducing their footprint *this is music to my ears* Zero water waste, exclusive use of environmentally friendly refrigerators and LED lighting, and minimizing noise and air pollution emitted from their factory.

To read more about this you can head over at

Click this link to select the right size for your pet and add the WHIMZEES® Brushzees® to your Target cart! Available in stores and for curbside pick up. These chews are also available at Meijer.

Love, Lexie

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