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A letter to Utah.

I believe every trip is a new way to grow and 2020 was a year of growth for all of us. But one thing I surely learned is to enjoy life in the slow lane and everything that comes with it. — I had no expectations going into this Utah trip. It was those fuck it moments in life of which I have no regrets. But it definitely humbled me knowing great beauty could be found without the limits of expectations. There was never a “oh that’s it” moment in Utah for sure; only a sense of wonder in the great unknown in whatever form it was manifested to me.

But I feel like a lot of us manifest incorrectly. We tend to manifest *things* when in fact what we rather should be manifesting *a feeling* because what you want right now might not be what you are meant to have— but if you manifest a feeling (love, happiness, kindness, peace etc. ) you’ll realize you won’t be looking to receive anything specific but instead open yourself up to receive whatever you’re meant to have.

See, we sometimes forget how powerful the great outdoors can be for our health and overall well-being. With our lives getting busier than ever and with our fast growing connection to the digital world, getting outside and soaking some vitamin D is the perfect remedy for our highly stressful lives. Allow ourselves to recharge.

So please, let us be kind to Mother Nature, be kind to others, and most importantly, be kind to yourself and trust the process. Hello 2021 not twenty-twenty-won.

As promised (and what everyone is waiting for!) how to get to this oasis in Utah, also considered a 'secret spot'.Coming from Ruby's Inn by Best Western in Byrce Canyon National Park, it will be an approximately 2 hours and 4 hours total.

About Meadow Hot Springs

There are a total of three pools to soak in, ranging from 90-100F degrees. The most popular pool is one of the smallest and closest to the dirt parking area (that's the spot!). It's also the warmest - The second pool that we tried out was warm too but not as warm as the first one, BUT! it has small tropical fish in it so that was a cool to experience! Clearest and warmest natural water I've ever seen.

Meadow Hot Springs located in Central Utah is a great family-friendly spot to hang out and soak in warm water. it's definitely a go-to spot during the winter season. It’s conveniently located right of I-15 and by convenient, I mean there’s no hiking involved - so it makes for a great, easy and quick soak when you are on a road trip.

First thing you wanna do is ---- type MEADOW HOT SPRINGS, FILLMORE UTAH in your Google maps or Waze.

Second - Ensure the snacks, towels and warm clothes. Though you'll be in hot waters doesn't mean it won't get cold when you rise back up.

Third ---- Its a cruise all the way until you exit Meadows and from there it will feel like you're driving in the middle of nowhere since there are zero cars ahead of you nor behind you. (We doubted for a minute, thinking it might be close due to COVID19 but thankfully we found it!)

Fourth ---- You may encounter fellow travelers who are visiting the hot springs, probably people who had the same idea as you do - here to R&R. You'll bump into couples, best friends, families and even solo travelers who are just passing by AND if you're lucky enough you might make a furry friend too! *Hi Georgia!*

Fifth ----- Enjoy the warm water soaking. Fun fact: Thanks to their great depth, the hot springs are heated by lava deep in the Earth's crust! We were told by a couple of locals who happened to be frequent visitors that these hot springs sit in the middle of a dormant volcano that's actually visible by zooming out on Google Earth :O I haven't had the chance to confirm this, but either way I'm so glad God poked these three heavenly holes for us to soak in and enjoy *lol*

Sixth ---- Make sure you don't leave without making a donation to the rancher who owns the private property but opens it for the public to experience one nature's wonders (Donation boxes can be found at the entrance and parking area).

Pro tip: I highly recommend you drive a 4x4 if you plan to visit this place since it is a dirt road. The dirt road is muddy and bumpy next to the hot springs, and we saw some sedans that almost get stuck.

Love, Lexie

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