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It’s without a doubt that Bali has no shortage when it comes to Instagram worthy spots and get your gram game for the whole summer. Do it for the gram, right?

From the effortlessly beautiful white sand and blue water beaches, surreal sunsets that come with it down to the quaint cafe and not to mention gastronomic food of Bali and everything in between is the full package you will experience when you go to Bali.

As a blogger, I take time to research and make sure to maximize the short time I’ll be in this destination. So here I want to share to you all the top 9 places to see when you visit Bali and achieve that #VacationGoals for your feed. Cos let’s be real, photo or it didn’t happen *wink wink*

Top 10 places to see in Bali

1. nusa penida

For Nusa Penida, okay I’m not gonna lie to you, you’re gonna need at least one whole day to be able to make the most of this trip and if you’re only staying for a short time like we did - 5 days, then trust me and I mean TRUST ME, Nusa Penida will definitely be on for the books (no lies!)

But remember going back and forth will already take you about an hour (45 mins for the transit and about 15 minutes for the waiting part) So if you wanna make the most of the trip like I do then I would suggest for you to get a tour guide or package. Yes, it would cost a bit more but just think of the hassle you’re saving your ass from. Especially given that you are foreign in this country.

Getting a tour guide is definitely the best way to you since you’ll be able to hit all the right / picturesque places. Shameless plug here, I surely recommend our tour guide during this trip and friend Gusti. He has a unique way of showing Bali to you on a whole new level that you won’t forget! You could find him through Facebook by clicking here or Tripadvisor ‘cause you know, he’s legit like that.

2. kelingking point

3. Broken Beach

4. Angel's beach


5. Crystal beach

6. Ubud

Teleggang Rice Terraces - Monkey Sanctuary

Just like Nusa Penida, if you’re staying in the areas Kuta, Seminyak or Canggu then sacrificing another whole day for this location will take you at least half a day or even more depending on how slow/fast you are but personally I think you’ll be able to accomplish this in 8 hours and be back for the perfect sunset sesh in Canggu (where to spend your golden hour is next!). Anyways, Ubud is a less commercial spot but there are a ton of cultural activities to do. It’s another gem to definitely see in Bali plus movie “Eat Pray Love” starring Julia Roberts and yes, Gusti was amazing enough to drive past it and it was….. 15 seconds of amazing.

Teleggang Rice Terraces + love bali sign

7. monkey sanctuary

8. Ubud swing