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my stay in Kosta hostel

Let me start off and saying that my stay in Kosta Hostel was definitely one of the highlights from my Bali trip. Honestly, I prefer staying in hostels over hotels only because you sign up to a great unknown adventure that is full of surprises and good vibes - and if you know me, I’m all about that.

But with a caution and by caution, I mean safety and cleanliness. Kosta Hostel is very warm and inviting to the whole Bali magic with its culture,mantra and good spirit - not just the place, but as well as its people with such accommodating staff and cool owners. Kostal Hostel is a certified modern hostel accommodation with fresh amenities, a pool bar, and on-site cafe called The Good Mantra Cafe, which by the way is open from 8am up to 10pm, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner - this place definitely feels like home.

If you’re looking for Kosta Hostel, you can find them in this quiet corner in the suburbs of Seminyak. Only a few minutes away from the center of Bali’s most famous beach strip. You get the peace and serenity during the day and pop of parties at night - its getting the best of both worlds.

Or you can find Kosta Hostel through Instagram too, which just might make you book in this hostel right way!


One of the things I admire about Kosta Hostel is its color choice.You get tropical and earth tones all in one - waking up just keeps getting better here in Bali. Vibrant blue teals in each corner and plants all around and nothing but good vibrations.

The rooms have high ceilings and spacious, as well as the bathroom. Our room had three beds, one single and one bunk bed. You would think it would be tight, but it really wasn’t. I like the whole idea of maximizing every corner of the room, such as the sockets in the wall by the bed and the bathroom open-air is a good call - Makes showering breezy and with the Bali heat, don't mind if I do!

The Good Mantra Cafe

Just like what I told you, Kosta Hostel is all about accommodating - so accommodating that you don’t need to go far to venture good food instead they brought it closer to what you call home. The Good Mantra Cafe is all about soul food for the bones and eating with a tropical healthy twist, with a ton of variety in their menu from breakfast down to dinner.

I would recommend the burger, it was insanely good. Better not leave Kosta Hostel without trying it!