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Nothing but good vibes served here Z Hostel

Chill nights, good company and home of good vibes is one way to summarize my weekend stay in Z Hostel. Located in the center of the city where weekends can be up and buzzing up to 3 am in the morning - Poblacion, Makati.

The Z hostel is very well-known to travelers and in the hostel world but they are more than just that. They are a a state of mind and a lifestyle that consists of getting out from your comfort zone (Cos' we all know nothing grows there). A place where you could actually say that "strangers become friends", Z-Hostel does a great job of connecting like-minded travelers and locals through dorm type rooms, communal spaces, roof deck parties and a friendly neighborhood. So I decided to head to Z Hostel to spend a weekend, here's a round up of my stay.


Once you walk in, there is an undeniable warmth and youth that fills the halls of Z hostel. You're greeted by accommodating staff, handwritten schedule to keep you informed, international time zones to peak your interest and a stripper pole to even make your night interesting.


Z Hostel is known for its dorm type accommodations. However, for those seeking their own personal space, the hostel has a selection of private rooms with a view that offers a raw insight into the bustling city that is Makati. The interior is simple with a calming aura. I'm personally a fan of the fact that they don't include TVs, which encourages you to go out and socialize.

Truth be told it can be quite loud on the weekends since Poblacion is a prime host to an active night life. However, if you're in tune with the lifestyle, then this is the spot for you. But for the light sleepers, you might wanna take advantage of the free ear plugs offered by the hostel which you can claim at the lobby. Thankfully Z Hotel makes it a point to remind you through leaving notes regarding the situation.

The rates are about 2,430PHP for the private room that includes one night and breakfast for two


Z Hostel got you covered by offering a cool roof deck bar with an amazing view, refreshing cocktail drinks and sick beats bringing everyone good vibes all night. Great way to mingle! One of my favorite things about Z Hostel is the fact that they make use of the cashless method when purchasing anything in their establishment.

They use RFID wristbands which you're able to load at the lobby or roof deck area. RFID is this microchip loaded with whatever amount you would like to put in and if there is any change left, you can have it refunded in the lobby and roof deck as well. If you ask me, Z Hostel is changing the game guys.


Rise and shine it's time for breakfast! Z hostel has their own witty ways of differentiating themselves from a Hotel to a Hostel, such as making everything self-served. They have a "clean as you go" and "share a seat" policy which maximizes the whole hostel experience. Z Hostel offers a continental breakfast that I personally like since it's the right amount of food to kick start the day!

Without a doubt Z Hostel is a must-experience here in the city. It's a neat, hip, affordable and perfectly located hostel in Manila. Remember, your vibe attracts your tribe!


Z Hostel, Poblacion, Makati, Philippines 5660 Don Pedro Street, Makati, Philippines

856-0851 / 0917-889-8531

Facebook click here

Instagram : @ZHostelPH

Twitter : @ZHostelPH

Email : //

You can make your bookings at

Check-in: Starts at 2PM

Check-out: Until 12NN

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