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cabins by eco hotel

Ending my 2017 the best way possible - Holidaze in the Cabins of Eco Hotel, Tagaytay! Living in the city, I can’t help but find a quick getaway that doesn’t need anymore flying, cos as much as flying is fun, we all know how much that can cost. So I’m glad to share that hotels so close to home, or at least my home, like Eco Hotels exist, not to mention it's budget and eco friendly as well!

One of the highlights of Eco Hotel is the big advocacy they have when it comes to the environment, ecotourism and preserving the richness and biodiversity of our country. They are one of the few hotel chains in this country I know that has an ecological conscience. When I walked into their hotel, a lot of their furniture are mostly recycled creations - chairs made out of old tires, bed frames made of wood, light fixtures made out of wine glasses and these are just to name a few. Their eco-friendly services, facilities, amenities and everything in between are steps they take for their mission to lessen carbon footprint, recycle materials creatively and use energy and resources efficiently, all to minimize the impact on the environment. Plus points for their support on local artists! #SupportLocal. There is nothing not to love about this hotel.

Eco Hotel also has branches in Boracay, Bohol, El Nido and 10 other properties across the Philippines. Click here to find a destination near you!

our cozy room

We stayed in the hotel's Premier Lake View Room located on the 2nd floor that captured a breath-taking view of the lake. It definitely was surreal waking up to it. (A little tip, book this room. It had the best view of all the other rooms if you ask me!) The room is quite compact but cozy and just has everything you need. The textures of the interiors are a mix of my two favorites, wood and brick! I swear, I feel like this room was taken straight off Pinterest! I love how the room just makes you wanna get under the sheets and snuggle all-day!

At night, the lights have these green mood effect from the wine glasses giving a nice warm glow. Talk about making it even cozier!

Prepared outfit by @SoakSwimWearPh

WAKE UP, its time for breakfast!

Our room came with a breakfast for two! With a choice of Beef Tapa and Daing na Bangus or Chicken Teryaki + garlic or plain rice with either coffee or tea served at the roof deck lounge. Just imagine sipping from your coffee with the Taal lake as your view. Cheers for mornings like this!


I must say Eco Hotel truly shines in the hospitality industry from the moment you check-in until the moment you checkout.

Located across Ayala Serin Mall in Aguinaldo Highway, Eco Hotel Tagaytay is the flagship property housing 16 guest rooms.

Mobile : +63 2 881 5318 - 19

Email :

Check out their website at

Intagram : @ecohotelph