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Why Solea Mactan Resort can make you feel extra

We all know that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins on November so this trip to Cebu came at the right time before the hectic schedule. Living the freelance life your brain doesn’t really completely stop working and I’m not gonna lie, it gets exhausting at times so you really look forward to those great vacations to unwind and refresh your soul.

A little something about Solea Mactan Resort, it is located in the heart of the east coast of Mactan Island in Cordova, a property of Best Western Sandbar Resort Cebu. It’s about 30 minutes away from the airport and about an hour away from Cebu City. Mind you, rush hour does exist in Cebu.

Here are some reasons how Solea Mactan Resort can make you feel so extra aka boujee.


This marvelous Solea Mactan resort features of 225 rooms, and suites – including 12 Superior Garden Rooms, 200 Deluxe escaping stress rooms, 14 beautifully appointed suites, and the one and only --The presidential suite. Each room features its own private balcony and essential amenities. During my stay I was one of those lucky ones who was able to experience, the Presidential Suite… geez, don’t you just love how that sounds? Literally blew my mind the moment I walked in.

The Presidential suite consisted of 2 bedrooms which can accommodate 6 guests, but if you were to ask me it can fit way more than that. Every corner of the suite was on fleek, every single one, I kid you not. From the modern choice of furniture down to the dashing interiors featuring minimal shades and elegant patterns, and everything in between. And did I mention this has the best view?

It has a panoramic view of the whole resort and the sea with its own private balcony. A scene straight out from a movie if you were to ask me. Definitely don’t mind waking up extra early just so I could witness the scenic sunrise and end the day watching the sun set on this beautiful island.