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Why I switched from Fujifilm X-A2 to X-A3 A little back story,
A month ago I attended a beach event in Zambales and of course little miss Lexie brought her camera to the beach. It was golden hour so I couldn’t resist taking photos. As we were chilling there, the waves suddenly splashed on us unexpectedly, given we were probably 3-4 meters away from the waves originally, and the shore line was inclined. Everybody by the shore was shocked as well and started to run back from the shore. My phone and camera were instantly wet from the unexpected splash. Note : The first thing to do is take out the battery and don't turn on.

Note :
The first thing to do is take out the battery and don't turn on.

Home remedy We quickly dried it out and did the rice remedy as soon as we got home. I tried all kinds of remedies, steamed it with hot water so the salt water would moist out, marinated it in grain rice overnight and dusted off everything with a tiny brush. After 24 hours we tried to turn it on and the screen got shorted, but you could still hear the click button making a sound.
The next day, I decided to go to Fujifilm Center in Ortigas and have it checked professionally. Fujifilm staff we’re very friendly and accommodating the moment I entered and everything went smooth and breezy. I basically explained to them what happened and all the specifics. They told me that it would take 3-5 working days to diagnose the problem and they’d give me a call back within this time regarding the status of my camera.
A few days later, I received a call from them and unfortunately the damage that had been done would have cost me as much as buying a new camera to have it fixed. My heart was shattered since that camera was my baby, and though it was 2 years old, it was my first ever mirrorless camera that became my weapon in blogging. I took it everywhere with me, it was basically attached to my body. All the photos you see in my blog and Instagram were taken by a Fujifilm X-A2 and though I didn’t have the most boujee lens (Cos we all know how expensive it could be) I was contented and satisfied with my Fujifilm X-A2 since it fit everything I need and wanted in a camera. It’s been a month since my camera broke and if you’re wondering how I’ve been taking photos lately, well it was by the help of my friends and other fellow bloggers. Shout out to Denise Valencia who lent me her new baby Fujifilm T20 that I brought to my recent Cebu trip. I know it wasn’t easy lending me her camera (of course the feels of a new camera) but she did. So thank you girl, it meant the world to me.

How to get there :

It was easy to get there using Waze. Although, parking in Ortigas can be a pain in the ass so if you can have someone drive you, that would be best or take an Uber/Grab as long as you don’t hit the rush hour traffic cause we all know how EDSA traffic could be a b*tch.
The photos captured were absolutely amazing, you could tell the camera is hardcore. Though I didn’t really have the time to fully explore and play with it, I could already tell that there is so much you can do and discover professionally. Then at recent events, I would just ask my fellow bloggers if they could take a quick snap of me while we take turns - cheers to being each other’s support systems and lifting each other up y’all!
So what’s the lesson here?
Never bring your nice cameras to the beach, EVER. Fujifilm cameras are not made for it or any other camera rather, even just a splash of water or some tiny particles of the sand can jam it. When the incident happened, my iPhone got wet too but was perfectly fine after I dried it off. So it just comes to show that most cameras, including Fujifilms, are not incredibly sturdy and can even be more delicate and vulnerable than a smartphone.
As of today I decided - well, my parents decided to get me a new camera, the Fujifilm X-A3, as an early Christmas gift, since I need a camera to live and breathe, lol. It’s really a need more than a want. My camera is more than just my source of income but as well as my passion. I love taking photos wherever I go, I told you it’s part of me already, it’s like my 2nd set of eyes that capture moments I can/want to share, and I believe the Fujifilm X-series just does that for me. I’ve only had my Fujifilm X-A3 I’ve only had my Fujifilm X-A3 for a couple days and I’ve already been loving it. I already noticed some obvious differences, so I decided to do this blog post so we can venture out together and discover the main differences between the X-A3 model and its predecessor. While I’m writing this I’ll be actually learning as well - I’m so freakin' excited!

top 5 favorite upgrades


The first thing that excited me about the X-A3 is that it is the first entry-level camera to feature a sensor with a 24MP resolution. This is a great tool because it advances the definition and sharpness of photos. So, the is definitely effective for capturing photos from a distance and still being able to crop it the way you want without losing clarity. Touch screen One of the main upgrades of the X-A3 is the touch screen LCD monitor that can also be used for auto-focus with just the touch of a finger. Both screens are made for selfies since they can tilt up to 180 degrees and feature a portrait enhancer that gives you a smoother and brighter shot #SelfieGameStrong!

Movie mode and stabilization

If like me you're planning to start vlogging, the X-A3 features an advance movie mode and optical stabilization great for documenting every day videos. I've actually tried it and you can't even notice shakiness at all. Both offer 1920x1080 Full HD, but the X-A2 is limited to 30P while the X-A3 offers to 50P, 60P and 24P. Both can record a maximum of 14 minutes.

Camera Design

Both the cameras I have are in the color brown. But I can honestly say the X-A2 has a more toy looking brown while the X-A3 has a more vintage look.

Battery Charging

This just might be my favorite upgraded feature - why? - cos' the X-A2 was a hassle to charge when traveling since the only way you can charge it is with its special charger. The X-A3 can be charged easily, and it’s even compatible with a portable battery pack! I never have to worry about getting low battery while in transit now..


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