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A french-girl accessory to wear this season by yourstrulydenishka

Beret hats are definitely a classic in the fashion industry. Either it's in the color beige, green or orange they just instantly give that insouciant French girl vibe and can make your whole outfit a statement. One of the reasons why berets are a all-time fave, is because they’re just so versatile. You can wear it in so many ways. Either its low on the back with a perched angle that gives you that artist look, or fluffed on top of your head, letting the hair loose for a cool look or slanted to the side matching it with a chic braid with loose ends. You can absolutely rock this look.

When it comes to outfits there are several ways to finish off with a beret. Don’t feel limited to wear this only during the cold weather. A buoyant beret works with almost anything and everything, you just have to be confident with your style and work it girl. From casual looks to layering and pattern styles, this outfit can work from having lunch with your ladies down to running for an event in the afternoon while you stroll on a date with your man at night. Any time of the day a beret and a handful of statement pieces and the right shoes + bag to match it with, this just might be your go-to outfit for all seasons.

Make sure to check out @Yourtrulydenishka for beret hats! They offer all kinds of color and style!


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