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hidden gem of cebu - Blue water resort maribago

It’s been a goal of mine to visit Cebu before 2017 ends, and this November it finally happened #Thankful. Cebu is absolutely amazing with its own beautiful destinations to visit and resorts that represent Cebuano authenticity. Bluewater Resort is one of the most visited resorts in Mactan Island and I just had to see it for myself.

Bluewater has 2 resorts in South Cebu and 1 resort in Bohol. They have branches planted in Maribago, Sumilon and Panglao. I was fortunate enough to stay at their Maribago location for 2 days and 1 night and can I just say, 1 night was not enough, since there are too many things to experience at this resort. But because my stay in Cebu was not too long it’s safe to say I was able to maximize my every minute in Bluewater Resort. So here I want to share with ya’ll some of the best features of Bluewater Resort

You'll get to experience the authentic filipino / cebuano lifestyle from head-to-toe

Cebuanos truly have the most exceptional warm welcome greeting you could ever encounter. No wonder Filipinos are known around the world for hospitality. Upon arriving in their lobby you’ll already receive the warmest greeting from their all-filipino staff and refreshing welcome drinks while you check in. The receptionist gave our key and a map of the resort (Yes, there’s a map! It’s that huge) since this resort is a 7- hectare tropical paradise. Paradise found, guys. We were escorted by golf cart to the new Premier Deluxe room located in the beach wing. Not gonna lie, I felt extra being driven in a golf cart with welcome drinks in our hands. I mean, not every resort makes you feel this welcome and I think any guest would love that extra feeling once in awhile.

As a whole Blue Water Resort truly made each aspect of the resort a source of Filipino pride. From the architecture, the interior, the food, the beach, the spa and basically the whole vibe, it makes you love the Filipino culture and tradition even more. Their friendliness, hospitality and attentiveness to your every need will truly make you wanna go back, and did I mention the lavish buffet themes will make you gain a little vacation weight if you don’t control yourself. Trust me it’s hard when the buffet is right there and all the food so good!

the rooms are luxurious with a modern filipino architecture

I can honestly say that the room took my breathe away with its Filipino charm. The vibe screams: “you’re on vacation and it’s time to unwind!”. Whether you want to stay inside and lounge around, prepare a bubble bath to soak in, or feel like going outside to get some sun on the veranda or at the resort’s private beach, Bluewater Resort goes the extra mile and gives you everything you could ask for! To book a room, simply click here.

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Room essentials complete from head-to-toe.

pinoy themed buffet in allegro restaurant


One of my favorite parts of the Blue Water Resort is the Allegro, especially at night. With their wide choices of food, live music and best rates for wine.The food was so amazing that you might slip into a little food coma after, but kidding aside, the buffet featured a great variety of flavors, and everything was delicious! Blue Water Resort definitely knows how to make your stomach happy by satisfying all your cravings.

Here’s the flavours of the week this season :

Mondays: Flavors of Asia

Tuesday: Northern Exposure

Wednesday: Cebuano Street Fest

Thursday: Southern Delights

Friday: Fishing Village

Saturday: Barrio Fiesta

Sunday: Salu-Salo

Happy hour by the Oyster Bar.

Did I forget mention they have 24/7 room service? Jackpot! Can I have my halo-halo please?


I love sleep because it’s like a time machine to breakfast, and speaking of breakfast, Allegro doesn’t only treat you with a buffet to feast upon during dinner but your first meal of the day is all you can eat, too! Because we both know how important breakfast is! Tons of choices here to satisfy any craving!

Relax and rejuvenate at the amuma spa

What we mean when we say Amuma? AMUMA is a Visayan word that has many meanings and associations. It means caring, nurturing, tending, feeding. It is associated with a mother’s caring for one’s child, providing the needs of one’s kin or tending to one’s garden to bloom. With an unwavering smile and a heart full of AMUMA, the feeling of warmth that radiates from the comforts of a timeless Filipino home; the very feeling that stirs inside you whenever you find yourself in ours. There is nothing like a Filipino welcome – and it’s the only way we know how to welcome you. (Reference :

I can’t think of a better way to start the morning when you’re on vacation than a relaxing spa treatment. Treat yo’ self! I must say I already felt relaxed just upon entering Amuma spa because it has such a tranquil atmosphere and pleasant aromas (plus another welcome drink! They truly want to make you feel welcome in every entrance. I kid you not when I tell you that they have the warmest greetings).

The Amuma experience is more than your typical day at the spa, they offer a wide variety of treatment options, and they even let you choose the type oil, scent and music - relaxation at its finest. As for us we experienced the Amuma spa Signature Hilot (worth 3,500PHP per person). They have taken their favorite massage (hilot) techniques from across the Philippines and put them together with their own Amuma touch to give you a full body massage experience. Uniquely Filipino, this therapy induces relaxation and promotes healing. Warm fresh banana fronds are used to loosen tense muscles.

FRESH SEAFOOD AT THE COVE WITH A VIEW We saved the best for last… Our last meal was spent in The Cove's serves mouth-watering seafood and stunning views, both worth savoring on their nearby private island. The exclusivity of this resort is so real I tell you. Mark my words, when it comes to seafood this is the best I tried in Cebu... dare I say, in all of the Philippines! Every dish was fresh and delectable, and every aspect of the service was just exquisite! Our server Algie and all of the staff made sure we were fully taken care of and everything was served without delay.

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AND A CHRISTMAS SPECIAL BY BLUEWATER RESORT TIS' SEASON At the Balay Pasko we share with you our best Holiday Sweets and Treats to bring home as traditional “Pasalubong” or gifts to the family. The Balay Pasko also serves native delicacies locally called “kakanins”, these are traditional Holiday treats usually prepared by Filipino households during the season, Filipinos traditionally use sticky rice and sugar as its main ingredients because they believe that this will make the family bonds stronger and sweeter in the coming years.