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How to sleep soundly during you period

For us ladies, having our period can be so dreadful, it's between "Holy mother of f*ck", "Hold on to dear life" and "Chocolate or pizza? Both!" and I believe I'm speaking on behalf of all the ladies who's Hustlin' out there doing what they gotta do.

So sleeping is more than just what it is but it is a breath of fresh air for us women when we are on our period. The moment we lay in bed imagining we're floating on cotton candy skies after a loooooong tiring, sticky, heavy, bloated feeling kinda day and not to mention feeling like a whale just because. So, we really invest on our sleep and most of the time it depends on the pad we're using if were comfortable or not. The worrying if we would stain in the middle of the night can lead to lack of sleep. Therefor, we become haggard the next day and its just a ripple effect from there.

But say hello to stain-free nights all thanks to Whisper by releasing their new cottony x-long overnight pad that has an anti-leak channels, wider back and soft cotton cover, 40% longer and has 5X more absorbency and the best part... The 12-hour leakage guaranteed protection for that soundly and care free sleep goals.

And if you feel the overnight pad is too overwhelming and heavy during the day, which is perfectly normal since it's different for everyone, don' worry cos, Whisper has its regular wings to save your pretty ass, literally.

I just believe every woman should be unstoppable period or without period.

Thank you Sample Room for making me try before I buy now knowing what fits me need!

Photographed by Martin Acol

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