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1. la jolla cove

La Jolla Cove is made up of several mini beaches concealed between sandstone cliffs in a shape of a cove. As you can tell that’s how they came up with the name. La Jolla Cove is known to be one of the most beautifully photographed beaches in Southern California because of its phenomenal sunset and breathtaking view. Ton of great high-end restaurants and shops around the coastline. What’s better than having a great meal matching it with a great view?

La Jolla Cove knows how to make your golden hour majestic.

It’s also known for its seals and sea lions, yes, there is literally a “seal spot”, which is how the locals call it, at a place called the Children's Pool where you will find a seal and sea lion hang out spot where they just chill and lay by the shore or on a rock all day. It a great way to watch the wildlife before your eyes, they call this seal and sea lion watching. You can take photos of both the seals and sea lions but remember to keep your distance whether it’s in the water or by the shore because the moment they feel threatened, especially the mother seals, they tend to dive in the water and leave their children and may never come back. And not just that, you can get fined with an amount of 500$ and can seriously risk both the health and safety of these wild animals. So just remember to keep your distance.

But also expect that since they're wild animals there’s also going to be a wild smell lol when you’re near the seal cove. Those things are just inevitable.

2. la jolla shores

La Jolla Shores is probably one of my favorite beaches in California. Mainly because of the vibe and of course the amazing sunset (I just really am a sucker for sunsets). It’s was like every sunset was surreal and taken straight out from a movie. La Jolla Shores park is a mile-long beach known to be a surf spot during summer because of its gentle waves, as well as a place for novice scuba divers. So if you’re into these kind of water sports then La Jolla Shores is probably the beach for you!

Not just that, there is also a lot of cool hangout spot by the shore. Literally 2 minutes away from the beach.

3. mission beach

How can I define Mission Beach? Well, it's literally a scene taken out from a 90’s retro movie cos of its old school looking amusement park called Belmont Park. The first thing you will notice is the huge wooden roller coaster, you'll see it from your car while finding a parking spot outside. And based on my research, this was established in 1925 so you can truly feel the retro vibe in this beach (just like from the movie “the Notebook”) My heart fleets just walking around.

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3.1 pacific beach

Also it is connected to one of my favorite beaches — Pacific Beach. Though sometimes this beach can be bipolar. By bipolar I mean, I noticed that it could be all sunny in La Jolla and be gloomy in Pacific Beach or vise versa. Pacific Beach just has its own thing going on.

4. coronado beach

Coronado Beach is one of the farthest beach that I had to visit in San Diego compared to the other beach I mention earlier, though I must say it’s absolutely worth the drive by its unique Victorian architecture — The iconic Hotel Del Coronado. The beach is known for its swimmers, surfers and basically beach bombers like me! You could tell that beach is very flat and wide so definitely great for walkers, joggers and bikers. By 11AM you will already notice families coming and toting tents, umbrellas and beach towels all set to spend the day there.

5. venice beach

Venice Beach is definitely a place you wouldn't want to miss! Known for its iconic boardwalk and bohemian spirit neighborhood in LA. If you are visiting Los Angeles for the first time like me, you owe yourself to see the Southern California’s #1 main attraction. Venice is a buzzing beach town filled with palm trees, restaurants and funky boutique shops to choose from. Surrounding you with ton of street performers and modernist instagram-worthy homes. In other words #HouseGoals! Everything in this place is colorful, beautiful and very laid back.

6. santa monica pier

The pier has been a Los Angeles gem since 1909. If you're planning to go here make sure not to miss out on riding the iconic Ferris wheel and roller coaster rides (cos’ to be honest, that’s the only two rides I rode too!) And also make sure not to leave without spending your golden hour by the beach. Stunning… that’s all I could say.The most iconic spot of Los Angeles. It’s like when you think of LA, Santa Monica Pier is probably the first thing that pops up on your mind. Probably cos’ it’s featured in ton of movies, tv series, magazines and any digital publishing that you could think off!

Santa Monica is effortlessly beautiful 24/7 day and night, it a place where you’ll get smitten head-to-toe with its charming coastal neighborhood, beautiful sunset beaches, scenic hikes and gastronome restaurants. So be ready!

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