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A beginners guide to Airbnb

Three months ago I went on a US trip specifically on the west coast of America. Yes, I decided to live the Cali life and it was absolutely amazing. Better yet, it's nothing I could ever imagine. See, back when I was a kid its always been my dream to travel this western country. Growing up I would always see the iconic spots in movies, t.v. shows, magazines, billboards basically everywhere. And I would always tell myself, one day.. Some day I’ll be able to see it for myself and just like that the universe surprised me and blessed me with a ticket to an adventure of the great unknown. One of the highlights of my trip was getting the opportunity to travel solo, so choosing where I’ll be living was both nerve wracking and exciting all at the same time. So here I decided to share my tips and advice in finding the right Airbnb space for you. Is it safe? What you have to consider? Getting to know your host? Is it awkward? Well, guess what? I’ll be answering all those based on the experiences that I’ve encountered during my trip. First — Setting up your profile

As much as possible express yourself. Your likes and dislikes, your interest and basically giving the host a virtual first impression (adding a great picture is a bonus!) As you can imagine when people are having their spaces rented out they would want to be pretty much certain that they know who you are. This is important because your host has an option to decline their bookings the moment they feel skeptical about you (keep that in mind!)

Second — Airbnb is hella safe

While you set up your profile, you will encounter some security identification which will allow the host and Airbnb to secure both parties. This means verifying your identity by providing any government ID such as your passport, driver’s license, etc. and confirming all your contact details. Don’t worry, everything is fully confidential!

Third — always Read the reviews Th is a make it or break it kinda thing in my opinion. Because it may have checked everything on your list, but the reviews are the real deal. But of course expect that there will be both good and bad reviews, and as much as possible, try not to lean on the bad ones, but if you do notice the same negative comments again and again then maybe it's worth moving to the next rental option. Always go with your gut. But if you are an Airbnb virgin, especially in a foreign country. I would recommend that you get the ones with more positive reviews just so you will have a feel of it. And once you get around the system, then that’s the time when you start exploring around and experiencing certain perks that come along the way.

- how our space looked like -

( Traveled with Wanderskye with me )

Fourth — Be aware of weekly / monthly promos

Yes, you heard me right! Staying longer in a certain space can lead you to a huge slash to your total amount. No wonder why this is popular to travelers and backpackers. Fifth — Check the location

One factor that affects the price of rental spaces significantly is the location. This is one of the important things you have to keep in mind, especially if you are traveling with no vehicle and planning on taking the public transportation. So you have an idea how much time you will be killing in getting to one place to another. But in my situation, I was blessed to be traveling with a vehicle. What I had to keep in mind was getting around the places I wanted to see and one way to access this is in the brief summary of the host. They normally recommend the must-see places and the convenient stores, gas stations, public transport around the area.

Sixth — Check the facilities that suits you

Before booking, make sure to be firm and decided with what you want. Pool? Heater? Aircon? Airbnb has those wide selection of options. Just check which ever that suits your need.

Seventh — Getting to know the host

Once your booking has been confirmed, your host will be in contact with you regarding your stay. It's your responsibility to be in contact with them regarding your stay such as late check-in’s, if its a self check-in, passcode, wifi password and a request for a late check out. For me this became one of the perks, especially when you get the chance to meet up with your host that later becomes your friend (so yay!) Eighth — The aftermath

After checking out its both the responsibility of the host and renter to leave a review of your stay. Either its positive or negative this will both benefit the future renter and the host. There you go