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Sunsilk's #Habacadabra

Coming from someone who used to have long hair, it undeniable that I miss it! Having to play around with various hairstyles can be so much fun! But happy to say that my hair has been growing out pretty fast thanks to Sunsilk’s strong and long shampoo and conditioner. It’s not as long as before, but it’s getting there. Enough for me to experiment with these hairstyle ideas that Sunsilk suggested: Braided Brainy Gal, Wavy Boho Chic, MVP Ponytail and lastly the Sweetheart Straight. All in my own little witty version, of course!

My favorite would probably be the MVP Ponytail, to see how it went just keep scrolling down.

To know more about the product just click here.

- sunsilk's braided brainy gal -

- sunsilk's wavy boho chic -

- sunsilk's mvp ponytail -

- sunsilk's sweetheart straight -

Hairstyle by sunsilk's longhair shampoo && conditioner and paige camacho

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