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Finders Keepers Creative Flea Market

So happy to announce that I will be part of the Eden and June's Finders Keepers Creative Flea Market this coming JUNE 3-4, 2017 to be held in the Tent at Acacia Estates. So better have your tote ready since they will be having the most interesting && quirky items. Definitely up my alley! Excited to sell some of my items and shop too!

Tickets are available by clicking here.

A little something about Eden & June

"We create beautiful, bighearted experiences on & offline to cultivate manila's creative spirit.every single day we work hard towards fulfilling our dreams of cultivating a creative community by building a centralized platform and creating engaging content & unforgettable experiences. We believe so much in what we are creating and feel so humbled seeing that many resonate with our love-centered purpose, so we’re feeling pumped to move forward"


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