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Surfhouse Baler is definitely


Surfhouse Baler

"A simple, quiet Bed and Breakfast in the heart of Baler."

These simple words definitely sums up the chillest hang out spot in Baler. Baler is, and always has been, a part of my heart. Having the beach minutes away and at the same time having the exclusivity with just accommodating five rooms, Surfhouse Baler absolutely became my go-to escape place. And let me tell you a little bit more why.

The interior of the room is #BeachHouseGoals having a queen sized bed, high ceilings, tropical earth tones, and, of course, air conditioning. ‘Cos let’s be real, we live in a tropical country and being out all day with the searing hot sun; it definitely feels good to go home to a room that is cold and breezy. Surf house Baler definitely offers that.

As said earlier, Surfhouse Baler only offers five rooms to keep that exclusivity. There is four Surfhouse Deluxe Guest Rooms that can accommodate two guests and a Main Surf House Suite that accommodate four guests, that comes with your own kitchen and living room. But no worries, if you exceed that, Surfhouse Baler offers extra beds too. But in all honestly you definitely get more than what you paid for #RealTalk.

For this trip, Surfhouse Baler offered us the Surfhouse Deluxe guest room, and one of my favorite thing about the room was the shower. Why, you may ask? BECAUSE.. it's a rain shower head with no roof. So you can really feel one with nature. I still remember the feeling of showering with cold refreshing water pouring down my face with the sun rays hitting me - Incredible.

The people in this place are so welcoming and, it's safe to say, had also become my friends. A crew team that you could surf with during the day and have chill beers at night. They don't only treat you as guest but as family. Being away from the city, this could be one of the most surreal feeling you could feel- home.

This could definitely be my home away from home.