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Never board at TableTaft

Coming from former Taft dwellers, finding ways to de-stress from the hustle and bustle of Taft life has become more and more difficult by the term. Coffee shops just don’t offer the same kind of chill that we used to look for anymore, and hole in the wall foodie spots are more often brimming with neo-hipsters looking for the next big thing to plug. But, hey, it’s a good thing TableTaft offers just the right mix of a letting loose and insane fun.

TableTaft Boardgame Café’s grand launch this May 13th has been a long time coming since their soft opening in September of last year, and they definitely didn’t disappoint. What with their still growing collection of modern designer board games, good food, and even greater company we weren't bored for a second. Get it? Boared. I’m gonna stop. #Realtalk for some, board game cafes may seem intimidating, but the TableTaft crew just made our experience so much more interesting by not only teaching us the ropes but even playing along with us.

So, just grab a bunch of your friends and head on over to TableTaft Boardgame Café in University Mall any day between Mondays to Saturdays from 11am – 9pm. Long breaks won’t be as long anymore if you only had the right chill spot, ay?

Our friendly advice: try out Never Have I Ever – The Game of Poor Life Decisions. There’s really no better way to break the ice among new friends.

Thank you so much for having us!


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