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Chocolate is our go-to remedy. We always have a bar in hand for when we're bummed out or just hangry (ya feel?), but we seriously enjoy it much more when shared. Surprise! Surprise! That’s exactly what Shangri-La Plaza gave us. April 23 marked the last day of the Shang Chocolate Wonderland, and, for those who were able to join in the festivities, we and many others did, it was definitely a chocoholic’s dream.

We honestly felt like Halloween came early this year, but, ya know, a thousand times better. There were jesters, magicians, and stilt walkers welcoming us at the entrance of the main events place where we were given a… chocolate checklist? Yes, we're sure it was a chocolate checklist. Crazy right? Local and international chocolate enterprises and chocolatiers each had a booth that guests could visit to taste all sorts of chocolates. Most were pretty tame- different brands offering a variety of milk and dark chocolate- but there were those who offered chocolates for the eclectic of taste. The most memorable? We gotta say the Adobo Milk Chocolate bar of Theo & Philo wins that particular award.

But it wasn't just the chocolate that served as the main attraction. Shang prepared a whole bunch of activities for their guests throughout the week. We even got to witness a master chocolatier, create a chocolate masterpiece. At the end of the day, the goodies were practically jumping from our arms with how many we had to carry. Good thing we had David Parker to do most of the heavy lifting. Shang's Chocolate Wonderland definitely made our April extra sweet- as we're sure it did for all of those got to see Shang decked out in chocolatey decor. And that is all for now, but please do look out for any Shangri-la Plaza events coming up. Oh, by the way, we wanted to leave y'all with a short list of our favorite picks from the chocolate festival:

Choco-Liquor by Maricar Reyes Villa Del Conte's Chocolate eggs and Cioccolato al latte finissimo Hiraya Chocolates Cocoa Monster Manila's Tablea and Chocolate Mangoes

What love at first sight truly looks like.