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introducing paige camacho

Who am I, and what the heck am I doing here? If you've read a post or two from the beginning of this year, you may already know me as Paige. But, heck, let's start over. Hey, I'm Paige Camacho, the spice to Lexie's sugar, and I'll be moving in as a contributor to 365storiestotell. Which is just a hella nice way of saying I'm Lexie's new partner in crime for any new adventures we want to share with y'all!

A couple of our friends have described me as "the girl who changes her hair color on a whim" and "the girl with the red lips." I fancy myself a hair, makeup, and skin care enthusiast, a foodie- in the "I love eating" sense of the word, and a traveler. Most days, I like listening and singing along to Hip Hop, R&B, and K-Pop. Any BTS or Jay Park stans out there?

And to those who were wondering, my nose ring's real.

PS I can't wait to share our craziness with y'all, so if any of you want to share yours right back, hit me up at

#writer #contributer

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