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Our stay in Espacio verde Resort

Last February I had another opportunity to travel and see Roxas once again. But seeing it a whole new level by having more time to really see and explore this beautiful island. With that being said Espacio Resort made my trip even more memorable by accommodating us. Espacio Resort surely knows how to pamper their guest. From the comfy beds that I could just drown myself in to down to the brunch to feast on the moment you wake up. Enjoying the garden paradise and a few minutes away from the beach that you can enjoy a breezy walk. Espacio Verde is definitely a must-stay place in Roxas with its clear skies, flowing water from a serence lagoon, where else can you find a place like this?

Literally ten minutes away from downtown, Espacio Verde became a sanctuary for both nature lovers and adventure seekers such as myself. The resort felt like home, the staff were very accommodating and not once failed to great me. The resort offers various locations catering to a wide range of activities for everyone to experience. Great for family outings or even a quick getaway with friends. Food, one of my favorite words in the English vocabulary. Oh, and throw in "sea" while your at it. Together, though? Count me in! As I mentioned in my previous blog about Roxas, they are the seafood capital of the Philippines, and Abuelo, the restaurant inside Espacio Verde, truly lived up to their reputation. To be honest, they probably had the best seafood I have tried my whole life.