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where we stayed in tali, batangas

When I posted some of these photos on Instagram, I noticed that I got a lot of inquiries regarding the place where we stayed and how my trip went. So I decided, why not blog about it. Right?

Tali beach is an exclusive gated community located along the amazing scenic coastline of Nasugbu Batangas, definitely a great quick getaway since it's just 2 hours and a half drive away from the city. It's got the best of both worlds having the beach a few steps away and at the same time have a staycation on a private 2,000sqm beach front property. It's also known for the Tali cliff where you can jump as high as 20 feet for free, but keep in mind at your own pace, meaning there are no lifeguard around (so make sure to think about it!) but I do suggest you don't leave Tali without jumping.

As for our stay we decided to rent one of the houses in the village, our house was three stories high, 4 air-conditioned bedrooms, with the amenities that includes a private pool for us. YAY! Definitely great for families, friends, retreat. Basically, it can accommodate large groups.