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here comes the sun

As the saying goes, life is better at the beach right? This saying has probably been used a thousand times. Either for an Instagram caption, or in other social media platforms or.... Statement shirts that are being sold in stores. Its undeniable that this phrase has been used too many times because it's true. Now, It came to my attention that not everyone is a fan of the beach like I am; why do I say this? It's because I noticed that whenever my friends or the people I come across in the city find out that I hop one beach to another, still not getting enough, they get really surprised. Asking me questions like aren't you scared to get dark? Or get a sunburn? Or just really wondering if I ever ran out of things to do at the beach and why I go so often.... And no, I don't surf, but I do truly and genuinely enjoy being under the sun and basically enjoying what's before my eyes.

Some people don't like the beach 'cause either it's hot (though that's a given since we live in a tropical country) or they're scared to get dark, or drown in the sea. To be honest, these are all acceptable reasons, but I'm here to convince you to change your mind and have that "Hakuna Matata" feeling under your toes.

There is a hard, solid and unquestionable evidence that study shows people become happier and lighter when they are at the beach. See the reasons below:


who looks bad with a sun kissed tan

With the right amount and religious application of sunblock, you can avoid having those really painful and nasty sunburns. For me, I use the Belo sunscreen;either it's the lotion, mist or spray type. Also remembering that the most healthy time to bask under the sun is basically before 10 AM and any time after 4 PM (in the Philippines)

But also keep in mind that this also depends on your skin type, for me, I get a tan in 1 hour or 2 hours tops! For some it could take a while so the best chances of getting a decent tan are the hours between 11 AM up to 3 PM, if you could handle the heat. Just remember, the easiest and quickest time to tan is around midday.


more chances of having a longer life