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here comes the sun

As the saying goes, life is better at the beach right? This saying has probably been used a thousand times. Either for an Instagram caption, or in other social media platforms or.... Statement shirts that are being sold in stores. Its undeniable that this phrase has been used too many times because it's true. Now, It came to my attention that not everyone is a fan of the beach like I am; why do I say this? It's because I noticed that whenever my friends or the people I come across in the city find out that I hop one beach to another, still not getting enough, they get really surprised. Asking me questions like aren't you scared to get dark? Or get a sunburn? Or just really wondering if I ever ran out of things to do at the beach and why I go so often.... And no, I don't surf, but I do truly and genuinely enjoy being under the sun and basically enjoying what's before my eyes.

Some people don't like the beach 'cause either it's hot (though that's a given since we live in a tropical country) or they're scared to get dark, or drown in the sea. To be honest, these are all acceptable reasons, but I'm here to convince you to change your mind and have that "Hakuna Matata" feeling under your toes.

There is a hard, solid and unquestionable evidence that study shows people become happier and lighter when they are at the beach. See the reasons below:


who looks bad with a sun kissed tan

With the right amount and religious application of sunblock, you can avoid having those really painful and nasty sunburns. For me, I use the Belo sunscreen;either it's the lotion, mist or spray type. Also remembering that the most healthy time to bask under the sun is basically before 10 AM and any time after 4 PM (in the Philippines)

But also keep in mind that this also depends on your skin type, for me, I get a tan in 1 hour or 2 hours tops! For some it could take a while so the best chances of getting a decent tan are the hours between 11 AM up to 3 PM, if you could handle the heat. Just remember, the easiest and quickest time to tan is around midday.


more chances of having a longer life

Despite the horror movies we've watched such as "Jaws" making us paranoid to set foot in the big blue sea, I 'd be lying if I didn't say we'd be not missing out in the wonders of the what the ocean can offer. It's true what they say, you know, that taking a day off and heading to the beach either for a day or for a week can actually make you live longer and happier

.A study of 12,000 men over nine years showed that those who didn’t take an annual holiday were 32% more likely to die of a heart attack (Reference:

So go figure!


You find pieces of yourself

I say this all the time in my previous talks, and it's true because this is based on personal experience. It always fascinated me how that is possible and trust me, it blows my mind each time. But you truly do. It doesn't necessarily mean you find pieces of yourself on the beach, it could be anywhere and everywhere as long as you go for it wholehearted. Believe it or not, just being in transit makes you already realize ton of things. On top of my head, my problem feels like a tiny spectacle in a world that is so big *mind literally blown*

To be honest with you, I was never really this adrenaline junkie who loves the sun in the beginning, I was actually afraid of it and what it could do and all the other little things that I used to overthink in my head. Such as never getting my skin color back, getting eaten by anything under those waters and basically putting my life in danger. But then one day it hit me, this wasn't just my outlook with the sea and the way I travel, but as well as in my life. I was too caught up worrying the things that could go wrong and not see the things that could go right. Although, I'm not telling you to live a yolo life, because there are still some people out there that I understand who prefers a more structured environment and there's nothing wrong with that, but this I tell you, live a little. Have that 20 seconds of insane courage and I pinky promise you something so great will come out of it.


your on vacation

I hate this outlook that people have when it comes to taking a vacation, the idea of working your ass off all throughout the year and having an all-out luxurious vacation just for 2 weeks. The ratio of this is insane! Why not have a job or live a life that you feel like you don't need to get away from. That's the goal, isn't? Or have little doses of happiness and escape all throughout the year. Regardless if its for a day or a weekend. Make sure you get that daily dose of vitamin D and pure bliss! Plus the production of serotonin in your body boosts time a hundred whenever your out and running the world. This keeps your A-game having that good feeling head-to-toe!


salty hair, don't care

Even though your hair can get in your eyes, or have that struggle to take a good photo cause of the wind coming off too strong and whipping your hair back and forth. Nonetheless, it's a proven fact that your hair grows thicker and lighter when exposed in the sunlight. If you have your hair colored then do expect it will be a shade lighter once you get home. Imagine getting that million dollar beach hair that everyone wants in an instant for free.

But also keep in mind to make sure you're getting all the right amount of condition and hair moisturizer your hair needs. I would definitely recommend any Aveda hair products for this remedy.


food is better, way way better

(plus ice cream & fruit shakes too)

Need I say more? But it's true, there is something about eating by the beach that makes the food extra delicious. Especially when you eat with your hands and SEAFOOD. Yes. SEAFOOD is always a good idea. Getting your hands dirty is part of the fun! Plus fruit shakes and ice creams have never tasted any better.

Match it with right company and damn, you'll find yourself asking "can life get any better than this?"


you get the best view

As all of you know I am a sucker for the golden hour, it's my favorite hour of the day! Seeing the pink, orange skies and oh how it looks like it's taken out from a painting. It's just that moment when nothing else matter but the sun kissing the ocean and where time becomes incredibly slow doing us a favor just so we could appreciate it in slow motion.

Either you're sharing this view with someone or watching it alone, it is still something beautiful to witness. Surreal, actually.


you'll meet the most interesting people

Throughout my travel and quick getaways, the people who I have met at the beach are without a doubt the most interesting ones. Why? It's because they come in different walks of life and different parts of the world. You can either meet backpackers, artists, photographers, even people who are in a different type of jobs that you would never expect to be an adventurer.

I once met this surfer who is incredibly chill and when we got back to Manila, who knew he was a full time theater actor.


floating your life and worries away

First off, floating in general is fun. Imagine just starting at the horizon, feeling every inch of your body touching the water and just for a quick second you will feel the weight off your shoulder - One of the best feelings in the world.

Just by floating, you have already inhaled the positive and calm energy and exhaling all the anxiety and stress, and nothing sounds better than the sound of the ocean makes – Waves crashing on the shoreline rhythmically.