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First off, how’s everyone doing? I hope y’all are doing well. It took a toll on me that I kind of took a break from blogging and it was a good kind of break, a break that I needed just to get things back on track and to also live the life that is in front of me. I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but my blog posts recently has been events, giveaways and just happenings around the city. So for this entry I decided to do something else (I guess by now you could tell by the title of my cover post) I do these kind of entries to practice my writing and as well as to connect to people who might be going through the same thing. So if you are or you can just relate to it someway somehow, don’t hesitate to hit me up.

Life lately, thoughts, realizations and whereabouts

So lately I’ve learned to let things go, especially the things I can’t control. To stop going against the current for the things that aren’t happening. To not let the people around me get too much in my head. To stop validating to a society that is never truly content, that will always expect more of us and not noticing that it is slowly eating us alive.

I’m slowly learning to take it easy and breezy. To let life unfold on its own with the right amount of companion on my end, so stop being hard on yourself okay? You’ll get there, it may not be right now, but you will eventually. It’s the law of life. Or I like to believe so. I finally learned to not pressure myself too much in checking every box on my bucket list, I’m learning to put that list away and peep on in once in a while, just to get the motorboat running again. To gradually have faith in life, that the universe placed me where I’m supposed to be and right where I need to be – and the people I’m being surrounded by. I’m slowly getting rid of my bad habits of running away and escaping when things start crumbling down, believe me this is one of the hardest habits I had to change besides peeling my lips. I’m slowly learning to accept every part of myself; with all my uncertainties, insecurities, dilemmas that can’t be solved right away, unfavorable experiences, careless mistakes and all the chaos in between inside my mind.

I’m slowly learning that it’s okay to get attached to things even if you know that they might not last forever. As long as you’re ready to let them go when they’re no longer yours. As long as you’re ready to release them instead of possessing them, you have to find the fine line between these two things.

I’m slowly learning the whole essence of life is a series of change to be able to grow, whether you like it or not letting go of certain things is part of it. People have this misconception that letting go is a negative notion, it’s not. You might not know it, but letting go can be a blessing in disguise. So let it.

I’m also slowly learning that God wants me to let go too, he's teaching me a lesson that regardless of the life happening before my eyes and no matter how hard I try, he still gets to call the shot. I have to be honest, this may be one of the hardest things I had to let go off. Cause let’s not kid ourselves, not having control over things can really get into our heads and affect how we live our everyday lives. So if you feel like you are being reminded, listen to it. Trust me, I had to learn it the hard way. Remember, it’s always going to be his word before yours, so learn to embrace it.

So yeah, now that’s off my chest and boy does it feel good to be typing this. I want to share of what’s going on lately. Recently, I turned 22, had a small celebration with intimate friends. Exactly how I wanted to celebrate it. Then, I quit my job to pursue this insane calling I have for blogging so yes, I’m currently enjoying it even if it’s a long haul with a side of my freelance graphic design projects on going (I KNOW IT’S CRAZY BUT I LOVE IT) Then, I also just came from a business / vacation trip and not to mention my second time around the beautiful destination – Roxas. I was invited to be a guest speaker for high school and college students to inspire them in blogging, so that was completely amazing. Don’t worry, it's the next blog post after this.

While we were there, we decided to take the 3 hour drive to the beautiful paradise Boracay. That’s coming up too!

I guess that’s basically all my thoughts and whereabouts lately. 2017 has kicked off really well and I’m internally grateful for that, How about yours? Share it with me, would love to hear all about it.

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