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My definition of "THE GIRL"

She is never afraid to try something new. She doesn't fit in a box or stay within the lines, but instead has integrity greater than any rule book and loyalty thicker than blood.

If you were a 90’s kid like me, then having a Tommy Hilfiger perfume would definitely be part of your childhood. Either that, or your Mama, sister or best friend would’ve had one and probably shared or hand-me-down it to you. Basically, having your own was the prime goal. This year, Tommy Hilfiger is launching a new fragrance called “The Girl” and boy does it smell absolutely amazing. Not to mention that the new ambassador is well known it girl Gigi Hadid. No doubt that Tommy Hilfiger is an iconic brand to both America and worldwide. It’s those instances when you’re having a conversation and they ask what brand is that? Answer Tommy Hilfiger and you’ll get a mutual understanding that indicates its popularity.

You could tell by the branding that the theme of the fragrance is nautical and sexy, sexy sailor if you must.

Upon watching the commercial ad of this perfume, Gigi Hadid is definitely without a doubt a girl boss, and that is why she is the right choice to represent THE GIRL for all the aspiring girls out there, like me!

The fragrance has a fresh and clean smell that you could use as an everyday scent to keep it light and easy. But at the same time it gives a daring, flirty and fun sensation. Something that could be your go-to perfume when you are running an errand, having lunch with friends, or ending the day with a girl’s night out.

It's absolutely a great finishing touch to your whole look before heading out being the girl boss that you are!

#TommyHilfigerPH #TommyXGigi #TheGirl #clozette

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