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my trip to roxas, philippines

What of the most grateful moments I had during 2016 was my trip to Roxas. Also, because it was my first time to be flown to conduct a blogger talk out of town which I will create a separate blog post for it soon. I was in Roxas for about 3 days and 2 nights and honestly, it wasn’t enough to explore this beautiful town and majestic island and what is has to offer. But thankfully I was able to do the 3 best things to do when in Roxas thanks to my friends who lived and practically lived their whole lives there – so they basically know that must-go to places and where are the best restaurants to eat and the hippest place to hang out.

1. eat, eat, eat seafood

To those of you who don’t know, Roxas Capiz is actually the seafood capital of the Philippines, I’m pretty sure your eyes popped up when you read this part. But yeah, it’s true and based on what we ate, with a doubt was the best seafood platter I’ve ever tried my entire life. Every dish wash mouthwatering and tasty! And not to mention, the view of where we ate was by the beach, couldn’t get anything better than that right?

What you guy must try when in Roxas:

2. Go to the beach

Like I always say in my blog post and Instagram captions (If you do follow me) Going to the beach is always a good idea, always! Why, is there anything better? I mean, there’s just nothing more calming than hearing the waves kiss the shore line, nothing more relaxing than just seeing the cotton candy skies, and no place that simple joy of unwinding and enjoying the nature and what it offers collide; it’s where moments in life where you feel most alive.

Roxas beach is not really known for the swimming kind of beach, if anything what's so great about their beaches is that it’s walking distance from the town – in other words everything is in reach. You don’t need to drive far, nor take half of the day just to spend the day at the beach. Plus, there are so many restaurants, stalls and cafe’s to choose from. Their beach stretch and wide shore line are great for an afternoon stroll or even watch the golden hour by noon, have dinner with a view and could be even an idea for a date, say a picnic date?

Do you ever wonder why it feels so good to walk in the sand or dig your feet under? It's because study shows that somewhere between 3,000 and 7,000 nerve endings in each foot that kindles when you walk across those tiny grains of sand.

3. Visit historic churches such as sta.monica church - Panay, capiz

Did you guys know that Sta. Monica church is the first ever church in Panay island and we are very fortunate to see it for ourselves and was even able to go to the very top where you could ring the church bell (just like in the movies)

I found out that this ancient and historic monument represents the origin of Christianity on the island. Not just that, but Santa Monica Church is the oldest church in Panay and is also considered as home of the largest bell in the Philippines and the whole Asia. How amazing right? Literally got goosebumps the day I found out.