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my trip to roxas, philippines

What of the most grateful moments I had during 2016 was my trip to Roxas. Also, because it was my first time to be flown to conduct a blogger talk out of town which I will create a separate blog post for it soon. I was in Roxas for about 3 days and 2 nights and honestly, it wasn’t enough to explore this beautiful town and majestic island and what is has to offer. But thankfully I was able to do the 3 best things to do when in Roxas thanks to my friends who lived and practically lived their whole lives there – so they basically know that must-go to places and where are the best restaurants to eat and the hippest place to hang out.

1. eat, eat, eat seafood

To those of you who don’t know, Roxas Capiz is actually the seafood capital of the Philippines, I’m pretty sure your eyes popped up when you read this part. But yeah, it’s true and based on what we ate, with a doubt was the best seafood platter I’ve ever tried my entire life. Every dish wash mouthwatering and tasty! And not to mention, the view of where we ate was by the beach, couldn’t get anything better than that right?

What you guy must try when in Roxas: