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I must admit that when I received an email from College of St. John La Salle inviting me to be a guest speaker to their event in Roxas, Capiz. It was pure ecstatic and at the same time was kind of hard to believe. The feeling was overwhelming and up to this very day it still moves me whenever I remember the rush and excitement knowing I could be able to share my knowledge in blogging. Given that I’ve only been blogging for 1 year and a half that time.

Basically, what I talked about is the essentials of blogging. How to start a blog, how to get your blog title, ideas for logo and banner, looking for inspiration, investing in social media platforms and what its importance, easy editing tools to enhance your photos, getting to know your viewers and readers, maintaining your blog and everything in between.

It truly captured me knowing that after my talk there was a question and answer portion (which I got nervous by the way) but knowing that there were numerous questions completely blew my mind, just comes to show how interested these students are and hopefully I was able to inspire them in some way and hopefully learning a thing or two.

It was such an amazing opportunity to meet this talented students and teachers that has so much potential and have so much to offer. The College of St. John La Salle students truly has dreams, dreams that are so big and wide that truly nothing can stop them. I may not have gotten to know them individually but I can honestly say they have such kind and genuine hearts. It’s safe to say that the thrill was not meeting me, but meeting them.

We also had the opportunity to meet the President of College of Saint John La Salle Ms. Gina Dabao and the high school principal Mr. Mark Nel Venus. Such lovely people.

I would like to take this time and thank College of Saint John La Salle for having me as your guest speaker for this event. As well as Sally Ortiz, Kris Ignacio and Lulu Ignacio for the warm hospitality you've shown me and my Mom.

Roxas truly made a mark in my heart and all the people in it.

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