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armani : Global forerunner in design

A little something about Giorgio Armani, he is the well-known famous Italian executive of a high-end clothing line in America. He designs for real and genuine people and thinks of his customers at all times and that is why he remains to be top in the industry.

“There is no virtue whatsoever in creating clothing or accessories that are not practical.”

—Giorgio Armani

Form and function— As a designer myself, I couldn’t agree more that these are the two most important pillars of design that also forms the foundation of discipline. Either it’s a drape of fabric, play of texture, symmetry and color, every functional solution or, anything in between is aimed to be a service of need to our society. I believe that the field of design intends to serve a purpose, solve a problem but can be done elegantly and in a beautiful matter.

Armani, over the last 50 years, has become the eponymous leader across numerous design disciplines. His label has been a huge influence from fashion to food, the hospitality industry to beauty. Then now, the Interior design and architecture. That has become a strong suit of the Armani name under Armani/Casa, bringing Giorgio Armani’s timeless silhouettes into the spatial environment, and translating them into elegant interiors that breathe life into towering spaces and classic residences the world over.

Armani/Casa’s catalog plays host to an extensive and worldwide listing of breathtaking and amazing interiors across the continents. The boundless curves of Istanbul’s Maçka Residences, the sleek angles and subtle grey textures of Mumbai’s World Towers, the vivid use of color amidst the placid rooms of Milan’s San Pietro all’Orto 6, the idyllic contemporary spaces of a Saint Tropez private villa, and the sophisticated tower of Manila’s Century Spire—all these are products of the astonishing Armani/Casa’s dedication to elevating residential and hospitality design to the highest standard and quality living.

Melding flawless design, extravagant quality materials, and outstanding urban planning, Armani/Casa’s projects definitely embodies the Armani aesthetic in all the spaces it encapsulates. With every item Giorgio Armani delves in, attention to detail and the democracy of design is noticeable. His work covers the visual and the aesthetic, but reaches far beyond the surface. Each and every piece of clothing and space that envelops the human experience, serves practicality and purpose without sacrificing artistic appeal— Definitely the integral mark of a true designer and leader.

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