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A little something about iScents,

The first collection launched last April 2015 by a group of four women with a lifelong friendship, they cater to all types of women, young and old with a variety of scents such as fruity, floral, powdery and even clean fresh scent. They only use the purest imported French oil in all their scents. Whether it’s EDT, body mist, colognes or sprays they only use the best quality oil.

They are very excited to launch their second collection in Levista Bazaar this coming December 3-4, 2016 I hope you could all drop by in that way, you can check out their new signature collection dedicated for the modern young couple, to her and for him in that way you could match plus perfect for a gift this holiday season and even other occasions.

The inspiration of putting up this kind of business by these four amazing women is by reliving the memory of their youth – Reminiscing. Reminiscing the years that bring up a lot of good memories, lots of fun and the boys *wink wink* and for some reason they can’t find those scents anymore, either it got discontinued or just so impossible to find so they thought of returning the feeling back. So luckily the feeling was mutual as well as the interest for perfumes. They decided to take classes and are now professional perfumers. They came up with a very good copy of the original scents that they used to like and with that, that collection became their best sellers.

You can check their Facebook by clicking here.

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