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Wee Nam Kee Hot off the wok straight to your table this holiday season!

To those of you who don't know, Wee Nam Kee originated from Singapore and it is known for its authentic Chicken Rice. Their chicken is available in roasted and steamed varieties and they make sure that their chicken is fresh. They have chicken delivered everyday! Part of the signature dishes of Wee Nam Kee are their pork dishes like the BBQ pork and Roast Pork.

There are a variety of sauces where the dishes can be dipped. Another popular dish of Wee Nam Kee is their Sambal Kang Kong which is Kang Kong cooked with a different mix of chili and other flavors. If you're a fan of Singaporean chicken rice Wee Nam Kee definitely is the restaurant for you here in the city.

(Reference: gclid=Cj0KEQiAvNrBBRDe3IOwzLn6_O4BEiQAmbK-DjLQXTxW0NZ9ZFipJAdf8wxfitXAsa8nmcKuAuBImZUaAowN8P8HAQ&ef_id=WDKJPwAAAB9JnAl7%3A20161125074252%3As#info)

Wee Nam Kee is all about the holiday season, so they fired up the work to offer nothing but the best and the most delicious dishes. They introduced four original festive dishes reviving our love for Asian-inspired flavors with their newest culinary creation. Every dish had its own spotlight and not to mention a unique taste. A taste that you don't get everyday. You could tell that per dish was created and cooked in a specific way, everything was absolutely appetizing and mouthwatering, and of course Instagram worthy!

The dishes served were Braised Beef Brisket with Potatoes, Chili Soft Shell Crab, Cereal Soft Shell Crab, Laksa Lava Fish Cake, and Satay Platter. The Salted Egg was my absolute favorite!

I was very honored to be one of the chosen bloggers to be the first to taste their holiday dishes. Definitely gave me an idea where to take out my family this Christmas season. What a better way to celebrate this holiday extra colorful and a satisfied belly! Thank you so much Wee Nam Kee for having me!

(To know where all their branches are, just click here)

It can't get any festive than this - Instagrammable food corners

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