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Let's celebrate the fun, fresh YOU in the perfect nude, Matte Me BIRTHDAY SUIT!

Sleek Makeup recently celebrated their best seller THE BIRTHDAY SUIT and they asked me to be part of a mini teaser to be launched in their social media platforms and I can't be any more honored and utterly grateful.

A little back story, If you read my previous blog post, you will know that I've been a fan of this brand and shade since the beginning. THE BIRTHDAY SUIT is definitely my favorite nude lipstick since it's very up my alley! Given that the theme was fun and playful for the teaser, I could't get anymore excited. So when they asked me to be part of this, I'll admit I couldn't contain myself. But my only concern was, I just came from the beach and my whole face down to my back was peeling like crazy. Thankfully on the day of the shoot, it eased in a little and was quite bearable to manage. Also, my other concern was, I was tan so I wasn't sure if the shade would fit my skin color well since I've never tried it at that kind of skin tone. But surprisingly, it all worked out and a little part of me liked it even more (If you must know, I'm a sucker for the sun-kissed tanned skin) The creative directors loved it, and so did I! Just comes to show that the Sleek Makeup BIRTHDAY SUIT comes in all types of skin tone.

I can honestly say, it was one of the most fun shoots ever! They even let me play my jam so I was literally all over the place dancing, jumping and twirling around. At first, I thought it might be too crazy, but thankfully it was exactly what they were looking for.

Here, I shared some BTS shots where my best friend / manager — Denise Valencia took of me during the photo shoot. From there you can tell that I was literally in the zone. Shared as well the preview of the OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY SUIT LAUNCHED VIDEO. Enjoy everyone!

...And yeah, I was singing in between too!


Off-shoulder dress from Shop Copper

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