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DAY 5/6 — long way, far away home

We've reached the least favorite part of the trip - Leaving El Nido. It was time to pack are bags and move to a new island and explore the wonders of Puerto Princesa and what it has to offer. But before leaving, I have a letter for to this stunning island.

"Dear El Nido,

Thank you for simply existing and being effortlessly beautiful. You don’t know how many people has been smitten by you, including myself. Today, because of you I learned to close the door to the past, open to endless possibilities, take a deep breath and step through to the next chapter of my life. And I wouldn’t be able to do that without you, so thank you

You know that strange feeling when you leave a certain place, it’s like you’ll not only miss the people you fell in love with, but will also miss the person you’ve become in that place and time, because you know you’ll never be exactly the same, ever again. Well, you gave me that.

But suddenly you made me realize that it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings even if believe me, you constantly give me heart aches for distant places and endless craving to travel. But because of you, I’ve also learned to never settle and to always keep moving and for that, I will always be forever grateful.

No goodbye’s El Nido, just see you soon."



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