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DAY 3/4 — Nothing but good vibes only

For our third day in this beautiful island we somewhat got worn down to three survivors/adventurers since some of the family members got exhausted from the trek. But I don’t blame since it was quite a long trek and the sun was streaking hot that day. Imagine going through 7 rivers back and forth.

So our last minute game plan was to do another island hopping which was decided during breakfast since we didn't want the day to get wasted. Just so you know, that’s how easy going the Puzon’s are. It was down to my uncle Albert, my cousin Miguel and I. We rushed to the boat right away, the moment it got booked and it was kinda humiliating since we were the last ones who arrived and not to mention the only ones they were waiting till the boat sailed *cringe*

This island hoping consisted of climbing palm trees, fresh coconut drinks, spontaneously swinging off a tree, strangers that became friends through a photo, kayaking with no game plan, going inside unknown caves, swimming the great ocean and seeing the world down there. It was post card after post card sight seeing views and we just couldn't get enough.

There was even a moment where we just sat there by the shore sitting with the best view with Halo-halo, Bananacue and a cold beer in our hands with great company. I remember it being perfect, it was my definition of perfect.

This guy is absolutely having the time of his life.

"One thing I've realized during this trip was, the first step towards somewhere is to decide that you are not gonna stay where you are – Slowly seeing clearly like the ocean."

The two amazing people we met during the trip. Their names are Garrett and Steph, let me share to you how we met them. It was through a photo where a local was actually trying to take a photo of us and decided to take a photo of them since there were passing through.

(Keep scrolling down and find out how this day ended with these awesome human beings)

Cheers to life, and cheers to cold coconuts during a hot day 🌴

Miguel basking under the sun the best way possible.

Palm trees. Coconuts. Tanned skin. Sunsets. Good music. Great company.

Absolutely got my daily dose of coconut juice during this trip.

Island children who refuse to go back to the city. At this point, you're going to have to drag us to the airport cause this photo says it all. Basking under the sun with fresh coconut, who would want to go back after this?

Life is truly, completely, honestly better at the beach.

The best seats on the boat.

Talk about #RelationshipGoals.