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DAY 2 — The world was our playground

For Day 2 we decided to try something else, something challenging, something new — Trekking. At this point of the trip, I was just going with the flow and not really quite sure what I was signing up for and did not do the usual thing that I always do — Overthink and chicken out.

So we did it, I did it and for the first time in a long time It felt so good to be alive. The feeling of conquering it and being able to do it yourself. To be honest, this trip wasn’t just a vacation for me, it was a road to find pieces of myself it places I never figured was there. So it’s true what they say, difficult roads often take us to beautiful destinations and this trek was absolutely one of them. I was in awe. In awe with the breathtaking view, at awe with life.

Not to mention, the timing was our friend at this moment. We had this little oasis all to ourselves just for a few hours. A few hours of becoming like children again, enjoying our youth and a float and for a moment that’s all we needed, was to feel. Looking back it still gives me the goose bumps how amazing it felt to not care about anything but just to live in the moments. It was those moments where it was hard to sync that I was really there, I was not just existing, I was actually living, and isn’t that what life is all about?

Then... I realized that I had a huge crush on the world. When it comes to any kind of traveling, either it’s a road trip or a plane ride, it truly opens your eyes and widens your horizon. It gives you a perceptive where our problems are so small compared to the world has to offer, you just have to widen that horizon and open your mind to the countless possibilities.

"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape up."

After the 2 hour or 3 hour trek we decided to head to Nacpan beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in El Nido to see the golden hour before heading back to our resort. We definitely got the best seats in town and couldn’t end the day any better. It was surreal.

This part of the trip was absolutely one of my favorites, it was the day where nothing else mattered but enjoying and savoring what was in front of you, either if it was a dirt road, a beautiful waterfall, a Carabao bathing, a small Nipa hut with the best view of the beach that’s just waiting for you to soak your toes in. There was even a point where me and my cousin just lay by the shore and the waves were actually pushing us in and out and we just couldn’t stop laughing. It was like we were drunk with the ocean.

Our little playground, Nagkalit-Kalit Waterfalls, El Nido.

My sister 18 weeks pregnant, can't wait to meet you little Franky Moana.

My favorite kind of make up — Sun kissed.