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I've always been a fan of the whole Marvel fiasco! Though I don't read the comics since I want to be fascinated and surprise each time I watch one since there are no expectations. So when I got invited to watch the premiere night of this film, saying no was never really part of the option. Plus, when they informed me that it was going to be in Mall of Asia IMAX definitely hyped me up way more.

The screening time was at 8PM and I brought my plus one with me, no other than my girl Denise Valencia. We got there around 7:30PM enough time to pick up the complimentary popcorn and drinks, surrender all our phones and any kind of gadgets and take a quick snap with the Dr. Strange Asian version. Which by the way the resemblance was fascinating.

Overall the whole experience was absolutely amazing! Never knew red carpets could be this fun!

I would like to take this time and thank my Nuffnang family for having me during this event. I had an awesome time!

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