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7:12pm — Thoughts

15th of September was the day where I was booked for a trip to paradise – Palawan. But not knowing it was a one-way ticket to a completely new destination, new goals and new dreams. It was a trip that knew its timing, it caught me off guard. But the timing couldn’t be any better. This was the trip I looked forward to several months ago once the semester officially ended and all I had to do is wait till I march on October. This was "that" break.

So, I really made sure I would savor every minute of it. Cause I knew that the moment I ride that plane back home, my whole life was about to change. And, I won’t lie, I got cold feet, anxiety and not to mention once the impact hits. I wasn’t ready just yet, but again, when will you ever be ready, right? Sometimes you just have to jump and apparently, that’s what I did.

A little back story, this is my second time in this beautiful island. I fell in love with it so much that having the opportunity to come back was surely something I couldn't pass out on. So when my sister decided to plan this trip, I was all for it! We stayed a total of 8 days, 5 days in El Nido than 3 days in Puerto Princesa. At first, I thought 8 days would be too long, but trust me it wasn’t, it was literally not enough. It was like, I was drunk with the sun and the ocean. It’s true what they say, you can never know what the world can offer you if you’re not going to and get out there. This island is the place where I found a piece of myself that I left the last time I was here. The piece that did more that just exist.

I’m trying out this new thing in my blog where I’ll still share and at the same time put my raw personal thoughts and realizations cause clearly it’s time to step up game since it’s been a while since I last blogged, and thought I could give you a mini tour in this so called little messy brain I have.

DAY 1 — In transit to paradise

By 9am we were already at the airport waiting for our plane to take off, we flew with Air Asia. This is one of my favorite parts when in transit— Being consistently in motion. Either by land, air or water. Being in complete motion is static. Just means you're on the way to somewhere beautiful.

An hour and a half on the plane.

6 hour van ride.

Till we hit paradise, that's all it took. How absolutely amazing is that? What a better way to spend 8 hours of your life, than on the road to a new destination.

Meet my Fambam guys!

My iPhone case had to much with my current state of mind. Pineapple tropical case from @crazeyknickknacks

DAY 2 — A day committed to the sun, sea and a little Nutella. When in El Nido, you go Island Hoping

My 18 week pregnant sister. Always happiest when at sea!

The best kind of toes, sandy toes.

7:56 Thoughts "I lost track of who I was. It's time to get that spark back."

Literally guys, this was one of the best crepes I've ever tried. I don't know if it was because I was at the beach. Since they say, food tastes better by the sea. Let me just correct that, everything is better by the sea. But anyways, you guys should make sure to try this out. Especially the Banana Nutella Crepe and Banana Condensada Crepe. It is the bomb!

Don't dare come home and not try this dessert place out.

Dinner by the shore, got the best seats in town.