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Are you a Beauty Addict Card holder? Be one now and get first dibs on exclusive products only from Rustan's The Beauty Source.

For every Php 200 purchase you make from our Cosmetics. Perfumery and Toiletries Division, you can earn a new point that entitles you to premium items such as cosmetics, fragrances, toiletries, spa services, and Beauty Addict merchandise. Membership is complimentary to any customer who has a minimum single receipt purchase of Php 2,500. It's that easy, so make sure to be a Beauty Addict now and get special treatment on your next visit to Rustans.

Rustans was amazing enough to send me this special gift pack from STILA. It's the Lip Glaze in Kitten, Aqua Glow Watercolor Blush in Rosewater, Aqua Glow Concealer Serum, Aqua Glow Foundation Serum2 and the Rustan’s Beauty Addict Card Voucher. Just so you have an idea of what products are available in their store.

For more information, head over to

Beauty Addict Card

Beauty Addict Card is a privilege card that entitles card holders to discounts, privileges, and complimentary products and services (exclusive to Beauty Addict Card Members) at Rustan's The Beauty Source. As a card holder, you can be among the first to experience limited edition signature brands or deluxe samples, exclusive invites to events and workshops, and receive latest updates on promotions, sales and new products.You can get it for free for a single receipt transaction of Php 2,500 in Rustan's The Beauty Source.

For the past 2 years, the Rustan's Beauty Addict Card is introduced every september and can be used until december only. This year, we have made it permanent and you can use it all year long that's why we want to encourage more signups

Customers can get exclusive access to event invitations and special offers

through the Beauty Addict card. Any customer of legal age and with a minimum

purchase of PHP 2,500, can apply through a digital application in-store to

become a Beauty Addict member.

It doesn't stop there, if you apply for the Beauty Addict Card in the store, you will also get an exclusive invite to the biggest beauty event of the year. Come celebrate beauty with Moet and all your other favorite brands at #RustansBeautyAddict

Make sure to follow @RustansTheBeautySource on Instagram and Facebook for more details.

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Also they are currently having an on going giveaway, to know what it is click here.

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