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Did you ever want to print your favorite movie lines on T-shirts? Customize matching couple outfits? Dream about launching a clothing brand but don’t have the know-how for an online shop? Whether you’re an aspiring fashion entrepreneur or just an individual with lots of ideas, we can take your visions from concept to reality.

CustomThread is a fashion-tech startup that takes customizing apparel to a whole new level. Not just your little kiosk that prints T-shirts, we push the apparel industry forward with a 1,400 square meter factory, the world’s best printing machines, and a digitally-controlled production system. Take control of steps from design creation to global delivery in our newly launched web- site--we make it as simple as shopping during your lunch break. But what really gives our apparel the x factor is the people behind it. Inspired by a “Google way of thinking,” we uphold a progressive company culture and this translates to staff who balance purpose and professionalism.


From T-shirts, jackets, sportswear, corporate uniforms, to casual outfits, we offer personalized designs whether you’re ordering one or one million pieces. Give us your logo or design or create your own. Our build-your-own design app let’s you customize fonts, images, to colors of sleeves. Pick from our technologies according to your needs (basic colors, patterns on swimwear, embroidery on sweaters). Want to promote your photography or art? We have the newest printing technology called Kornit Direct to Garment (DTG) for high quality printing of images and multiple colors. Making budget projections? Use our real time cost estimate “calculator.”


What if you want to sell apparel? Whether raising funds for a non-profit or launching a fashion brand, you’ll need an online address. Fund is an online platform for solving your “how to start an online shop” questions. With just a few clicks, you can start selling customized apparel, tracking sales, and collecting profit with no upfront cost. All of these come together in our newly launched website, the Philippines’ first all-inclusive platform for customizing, producing and selling apparel

To schedule an interview with our CEO or a factory tour, please contact Darlene Co at (02) 364-8677 / 0908-8855081 /

How do people show togetherness?

By wearing it on their sleeve. We make premium custom apparel to reinforce that everyone belongs. We’re not talking about your little kiosk that prints t-shirts. We are one stop shop for personalizing apparel from design creation to global delivery. Life is simpler with our online platform, state of the art factory, and digitally monitored production process. We even have solutions to common headaches with our automated group payments and template for jumpstarting your online apparel store. Because beyond our products, what drives us is our purpose. From our roots as a typical t-shirt company, have elevated the business of making t-shirts, to a platform for team building.

Why we do business with heart


We believe that success doesn’t create happiness, but happiness creates success. What keeps us coming to work everyday? Making goals not just for a corporation, but a people.

Work-life balance is our jam. And this means occasional BBQs, meditation sessions, and meetings with our resident Golden Retrievers—woof!


We care so much, we might’ve been eager beavers in our past lives. Settling for “okay” is not in our nature. Inspired by “kaizen,” the Japanese practice of continu- ous improvement, we always ask, “How can this be better?”

Together We can

We’re a growing community of family, friends, and clients. All our accomplishments are the result of a collaborative effort. Together we make things possible.

Welome drinks!

Guaranteed delivery

We don’t leave anything to chance and have got your order down to a tee.

Expert Production Facility

Your items are created using globally trusted equipment from the UK, France, Japan and Israel. We are one of the few owners of machines like Qornit Av- alanche, Adelco Dryer, and Sefa Large Heat Press.

Efficient Processes

Efficiency isn’t an aspiration for us, but a science. Our production process is the result of a statistics-based algorithm so we can offer custom- ers better quality, faster delivery, and good value for money.