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- Wella Hair Transformation Day - is your source for the latest in fashion and beauty, style ideas, shopping, popular culture and events. It has the gloss of the fashion magazine and dynamic energy of the web.

When it comes to pampering and bringing out the best of the stylish reader, leave in to and Wella to host an afternoon dedicated to transform hair to a whole new level. Guests can rest easy and leave their locks to Wella educators and Jing Monis stylists, as they give the fashion-forward Filipina hair treatments and blowouts at the dry bar.

The Wella Hair Transformation Day isn't your ordinary day at the salon. Expect the freshest and latest hair styles, some much needed rest and relaxation, and the most fashionable guestlist. This is how does a normal Saturday afternoon.

My date for the event, my girl Denise Valencia.

My fellow blogger and friend Farrah Espina.

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