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Last week was the L'occitane En Provence workshop held in Rustan's Alabang. I'm so glad that I was with my fellow bloggers Cristina Decena and Dana Decena, truly never a dull moment with these two sisters. When we arrived at the event, we wondered why there were facial mirrors, make-up remover and facial head bands in each table. In our heads, is it what we think it is?

...And yes it was. It was a workshop / event where we would remove our make-up and apply a whole full-look with just the L'occitane Peony skin care products. At first, we were very hesitant since we both know putting on make-up to an event is like a tradition for us bloggers and we'll be honest, we were shocked since this was the first time we've encountered such an event, but we still did it anyways. You know what they say, be a team player and plus, that was the whole point of the workshop. And you know what, we didn't have any regrets at all!

The photo above is the end product of the over-all look. Our natural beauty truly came out just by using the L'occitane skin care products. Plus, it keeps our face healthy and hydrated! This definitely is a perfect easy skin care routine with the outcome of a natural glowing skin without putting makeup.

Towards the end, we were so glad we did it. The results were truly amazing! See, all you have to do is TRY and you'll never know how much you'll love the results. Just like what I always ask myself "Why not?"

A True Story: During it's sublime blooming, the Peony transforms itself to reveal a unique, fresh and natural beauty: It opens up ultra-smooth, velvety and rose colored petals. L'OCCITANE has discovered the perfecting powers of the Peony extract. Integrated into beauty skin care products, this patented extract immediately and lastingly improves skin's condition, treating its texture irregularities (pores, blemishes, and fine lines), and tone uneven (redness and dullness)





The workshop was fun and interesting all at the same time. Personally, I learned so much about the Peony flower and how amazing this flower truly is. How it can transform a woman beautifully just like the flower itself. I also learned how important it is to take good care of our skin and keeping it healthy, since make-up can really harm our skin when we tend to leave it too long in our face. So this was really a wake up call.

My date for this event, my bff Mayumi Catabijan

Thank you so much for having me!