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It was such an honor to be invited to be part of the wellness weekend with Ysabel's daughter and not to mention I was even able to bring a plus one - Miggy. It was definitely well-spent, romantic and relaxing weekend. Such a unique event to be part of.

The food was absolutely amazing and incredibly healthy! They served this unique and delicious dessert that just made me one to get one more each time. And don't even get me started with the venue. It was held in a house in Blue Ridge, where they renovated their pool area into a mini event place and it just looked stunning. And while I was chatting with the Ysabel's daughter herself, Ms. Coty Cruz the brain of all these healthy and organic products. I swear just talking to her really inspired and motivates you in having a healthy lifestyle. At her age, with two grown kids she does yoga and Muay Thai. How cool is she?

She is the living embodiment of her product, Just by meeting her, you would definitely want to know her secret. Also, if you're wondering why the brand name is Ysabel's daughter, here's the little story behind it. It's because Ms. Coty thought why not name it to the person who has made the biggest impact in her life - her Mom. So basically it's her mom who is Ysabel.

The flow of the event was really exciting. We were scheduled for a foot spa and a whole body massage matching it with an absolutely amazing view and great landscaping.

What makes them different? They are 100% natural.

With the growing awareness of healthy being wealth for each individual in this day and age, it was only fitting to come up with the safest kind of products that provides with the best results.

The natural ingredients use to produce their bath and body products to not only provide the benefit of healthy living but are more compatible with the chemistry of any kind of skin.

To know more about this, you can just click here.

Just look at her natural glow.

My outfit for that day.


YSABEL’S DAUGHTER 26 Highland Drive, Blue Ridge – A,Quezon City, Philippines

Phone: 0918 887 1886



Facebook :

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