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Last week was Miggy's birthday, if you guys don't know him, he's the one that's always behind the camera. He's the guy that supports me in all my dream and endeavors, no matter how ridiculous it may be and could get. So on the day of his birthday, I decided to take him in a fancy restaurant. But knowing myself, I sort of kinda decided last minute since there were such so many lovely restaurants in the city.

Using the app Booky I was able to discover the restaurant Single Origin located in Fort Bonifacio High Street. And guess what? Just by booking through this app and as well as creating an account, I was able to get 500PHP off for every 1,000PHP purchase. How great is that? The food was absolutely amazing, from the appetizer, main course and on top of that a free dessert just by giving the a feedback. Seriously, everyone I know should download this app. It's like booking online made easy!

Also, there are reservations that can be made every hour.

Easy as that!

A disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post or what so ever! I just really enjoyed the app and all its perks and benefits, so I decided to share it with you all!

My message for him:

"Two days ago marked your 23 years of existence and I couldn't be anymore grateful. I'm very lucky to witness seeing you grow and reach all of your goals and the achievements you've done so far, especially landing on the dream job on the day of your Birthday (That explains the corporate look) But with all that being said and done, I just want to give you a few more reasons why I'm blessed to have you. Just a little bit more.

I've fallen for your laugh, which is utterly contagious, I'm fallen for your smile, that makes me giddy for no reason at all. I'm thankful for the long drives singing our hearts out and at times being comfortable in silence (when in traffic) I'm thankful for the late night conversations, when 1 A.M. arrives too quickly. I've fallen for our jokes which I'll remember days later and burst into laughter. I'm thankful for how you can make my day better, even if I wanted to cry a minute before. I'm thankful on how much you've put up with me everyday when I myself sometimes don't understand myself. I've fallen to the genuine human that you are and everyday I'm thankful that God gave you to me.

Thank you for inspiring me to the person I want to be and always making me feel things will happen at it's own time, just like you to me.

Almost a bajillion photos of myself and OOTD's (We all know that😂) Here's one with you finally in one, thank you for saying yes, even if you were so close to saying no since people started to stare.

Cheers to more roads leading to exploring the great unknown, to more plane tickets spent on exploring the cities yet to see, to more late night satisfied cravings whether it's pizza or fries, Learning how to live, how to be IN the world and OF the world, together.

Happy Birthday love, This might be the longest caption I've done in history of all my social media platforms"


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