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Last month, one of the organizations from DLSU LEAP 2K16 invited Jamsy and I to conduct a blogger and fashion talk during their University week. To be honest, I was quite nervous, talking in front of a crowd is really not my forte, that's why I really admire people who can be confidently talented in front of a crowd and how they do it so effortlessly. I guess there are just people who are born to be up there. I'm glad that I was given a chance to do it with Jamsy, making the weight more lighter for the both of us and easier to support each other in case anything goes wrong.

But nonetheless, I've accepted this as a challenge to myself. Another fear yet to face, you know what they say, the best way to get things done is to simply begin, and I truly believe this is the beginning of a new path for my blogging career. And that everything we want in life is just on the other side of fear, you just have to fight that current. Cause you never know what door it can lead you to.

So I accepted the invite, and Jamsy and I prepared for weeks and weeks. We even took the extra mile to create an introduction video. Oh yeah! Another thing I'm not good at - Acting. (OH GOD!) But my mind just kept saying "Let's do this!". So we did. We will post it on Youtube soon! Stay tuned!

A night before the talk, I prepared everything that was needed for that day. My outfit, camera full charge, double checking our video and power point presentation, name it and it was all prepared a night before. You should always do this a day before, it will keep your mind on point and avoid those last minute delays before taking off.

So the talk was at 10:30 am I allotted 2 hours travel time since I was coming from the South. That's enough time right? NOT! I got stuck in traffic in the Skyway (Emphasize on the SKY WAY) then, I took a minor detour since there was a close road that Waze apparently didn't know. My God, it felt like, could this day get any worse?

... And it did, I was pretty much running in Taft with my heels on just to get the talk. The lady in the reception of DLSU didn't even want to let me in (HOW GREAT!) but you know what, I stayed calm and just looked for the room as calm as possible even if deep inside I just wanted to scream. Anyways, I made it to the talk just enough time where everyone is just looking at me while I walk in.

The lesson here is, whatever time you allotted for travel time, double it, if you can triple it. Cause you can never anticipate the traffic here in the city. Especially on weekdays. Also, try to stay calm at all times even if you already want to punch the lady in front of you *laughs*

But kidding aside, just apologize to the audience, smile and be as professional as possible. A good humor will do as well! Remember, learn from these kind of situations, don't hate yourself for making mistakes, cause if you didn't, how will we ever learn? Also, we're just all human, it's normal to have flaws.

Good thing Jamsy was there, at least one of was present! That's why it's always great to have a partner!


So basically we talked about the basic of blogging and fashion. How you could build a foundation, things to invest on, like a good quality camera and basically everything you need to know so you could start up your own blog.

We also shared some of our own personal experiences, both good and bad. As well as the things we could have anticipated when it comes to deadlines and being professional in what you do.

For our audience, we decided to create an activity where we can squeeze out some creative juices through a flat lay challenge. Which we also talked about, so at least they could practice it. We were glad everyone participated and did a great job!

Everyone did a great job!

Thank you so much for having us!

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