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Maybank recently held an event to launch their Platinum Master Card, so when I was invited I was definitely excited to attend since the event sounded fun and interesting - A trip to Venice for a day. How cute right? So basically there will be a bus that symbolizes as the plane and we will be in transit to Venice, Mckinley. The bus was not your ordinary bus, it was a LUX bus that owned up to its name, luxuries. We even had board passes and all, such a fun event!

So while we were in the bus they were sharing what the benefits of the Maybank Platinum Master Card was, and guess what? Did you know that if you're a holder of a Platinum Master Card for every 50 PHP is equivalent to 1 milee to over 25 airlines. HOW AMAZING! And not just that, Maybank exists worldwide and #1 in Malaysia, so you are 100% secured and who wouldn't want that right?

Maybank Platinum MasterCard Credit Card is the credit card that allows you to enjoy the best of

L-R: MasterCard Account Manager Rochelle Mayuga, MasterCard Philippines Vice President Judith

Dayrit, Maybank Cards and Unsecured Lending Marketing Head Tanya Medina,