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Feel Pretty In Clean White Panty!

Carefree assures girls as its partner to feeling confidently pretty

Last weekend was the Carefree Pretty in White Panty event held in Samsung Hall. I was very delighted to be part of this campaign where girls can be confident in anything they wear, especially when they are in their white undies. We all know that not being able to be comfortable down there can affect your day and not to mention your mood. So what a better way to be secured and protected is to wear a Carefree liner.

All the online influencers were invited to design their own panty and get to be modeled up the runway. How fun right? Definitely an event you wouldn’t want to miss. The event was filled with fun activities such a photo booths, cotton candies, popcorn and a freedom wall.

When all the online influencers got there, the organizers informed us that we’ll be having an unexpected photo walk with Liza Soberano (definitely an experience I will never forget! That’s one thing for sure) to be honest it was nerve wrecking and exciting all at the same time and having the chance to share that with my fellow bloggers was truly amazing.

The panty I designed for the Carefree event.

Wearing the right makeup, putting on a fresh new scent, and putting together a new ensemble can be some of the many ways a girl does to feel pretty. But aside from these, one should not forget that the “basic tool” to looking and feeling good starts from proper hygiene. That’s why Carefree®, the liners that give girls that everyday fresh panty feeling, calls out to girls to wear clean white panties and instantly feel good about themselves.

While it is already a given that one needs to wear clean underwear everyday, it’s another thing to be reminded to keep it fresh and clean throughout the long hours of the day. Especially for girls, there is a need to manage panty stains and odor caused by pee leaks, discharge, and even sweat – some of the major reasons why wearing white panty can be an icky choice for some of them even if they can actually feel comfortable and pretty wearing it.

Thankfully, Carefree® has set out to definitively resolve these doubts by actually encouraging girls to wear their white panties with confidence! Time to feel #PrettyinWhitePanty with Carefree®! Because Carefree® Liners protect panties from pee leaks, discharge, odor and wetness, girls can now instantly feel pretty with the comfort of wearing their white panties. Feel fresh and pretty all day long, allaying any and all fears of dreaded underwear stains!

We understand the need of girls to live confidently, thus with the Carefree® White Panty campaign, we have delved into the need of young Filipinas to feel pretty all-day long through comfort,” shared Johnson and Johnson (Phils.) Inc. Senior Brand Manager Justin Anne Gaurino-Aruta. “With the simple act of wearing their white panties with Carefree®, it instantly gives a prettifying feeling to girls because of the comfort and freshness of a clean, dry panty-feeling it provides.

Attesting to this is Liza Soberano, arguably the freshest face in showbiz today, who shared her secret to feeling fresh and pretty all day: “I’m busy and active every day, whether it’s for work or just having fun with my friends, so panty liners are such a lifesaver,” Liza said as she flashed that endearing smile. “No matter how frantic it gets, I sure feel pretty thanks to Carefree® and my favorite white panty.”

To further promote feeling pretty in white panties, Carefree® partnered with MEG magazine in allowing girls to prettify and design their white panties through the “Prettify Your White Panty” web application. The campaign culminated in an exclusive fashion show featuring panty designs developed in the said web application, including ten designs exclusively chosen by Liza herself.

Guests in attendance attended in their best white ensemble to embody the freshness Carefree® offers. They were also in for a treat as activities that inspire fun and confidence among girls filled the venue. The highlight of the night was the White Panty Bar where all the guests designed their own white panties and were given exclusive goodies from Carefree®.

With Carefree’s no-fuss approach to all-day hygiene, wearing white panties has never felt better and prettier! To know more about Carefree, visit

I was even able to bring my bestie - Esther Lee.

As a brand, CAREFREE® believes that women who feel really fresh and clean are able to live in the moment, enjoy life more, and feel good about themselves. Thus, CAREFREE® is the freshest brand of intimate care that lets women be their freshest and most confident selves because CAREFREE® delivers a superior everyday freshness experience you can feel physically and emotionally.

Other Product Features:

• Wetness Absorption properties allow CAREFREE® Super Dry panty liners to absorb everyday wetness in seconds so you can feel cleaner and fresher all day

• Shower Fresh Scent have active odor neutralization properties from natural extracts

• Moisture Proof Backing for protection against leakage of everyday wetness

Price and Availability:

PHP 23.25 (for Super Dry 15s), available in all leading supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores, drugstores, and sari-sari stores nationwide. It is also available in 8s, 20s, and 40s packs.