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A few a days ago I was invited to have a chance to meet the famous international blogger Ms. Aimee Song. Way back when I wasn't still a blogger, I've always been a fashion enthusiast and I remember, I would always come across Aimee Song on Instagram, Lookbook and Online magazine articles such as fashion week in New York or even Paris. She is definitely a fashion icon in the blogger industry and it was an honor to meet her and even see her shop in SM Makati. I'm still at awe how amazing she is.

Make sure to check out her blog it's inspiring!

I spotted her shopping in the 2nd level accessories department in SM Makati just effortlessly stunning standing there and choosing what to get. I love how she dressed exactly how her personality is. Mixing elegance in simplicity in her style. Gosh, I just have this boost of inspiration right now because of her. It makes me want to continue blogging. Thank you so much SM Makati for making this happen.

I'm officially a fan girl of Aimee Song's sense of fashion. She got me searching for off-shoulder dresses as we speak. This dress is to die for.


Bumped into my fellow blogger Ava

It always great to see old faces in new places. Thank you so much Bea Chiong for having us in the Aimee Song in Manila.

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