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CO/OP Manila is a space that turned out to be house-lifestyle-furniture-restaurant-cafe store

located in San Juan selling hip quirky goods and comfort food. If I’m not mistaken their name

is inspired by the “cooperation” a.k.aCO/OP of the founders of the place. The ambiance has an

urban industrial look, very spacious with high ceiling. This place is something Manila should be

proud of and could really use amidst the spreading of foreign succession.

Day Time:

Here is CO/OP during the day time and I must say, the vibe is very refreshing and delightful. It’s

the perfect place to have late lunching during the day and at the same time a lunch date with your

love one or conduct meetings or just catch up fridays with your gals. The pricing is a bit high on the

side though, but I must admit that the food is nothing compared to the price, you just might forget

about it ( especially for the pastas) - yup, it’s that good.

This lifestyle store currently showcases unique and one of a kind items which you will not be able to

see anywhere else. The focus of this place is mostly home decorations and perfect for gift ideas.

Most of their products are imported from international countries, one of them is Germany.