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Have I gone gaga for the 90's grunge look or street fashion? I think so. They are just so interesting, the ripped jeans, the monarch bandana choker, the military green jacket. GRRRR... seriously there's just something about these match up that gives you that certain swag to keep that effortlessly cool If ever you catch my drift.

My inspiration for this look is the Queen B, Kourtney Kardasian and the famous fashion blogger Sincerely Jules. I just love how they created the whole ensemble without even trying so hard or maybe at all. That's the goal you know, looking cool effortlessly.. And trust me, it's not as easy as it looks. So here's my attempt in that street fashion or the 90's grunge look. Let me know your thoughts by commenting below, would love to read them.

I can honestly say this is the best 1000 GC I've ever spent. I got it during the Trendsetter Bazaar. So glad I decided to use my shopping spree for this. It's absolutely my favorite, doesn't choose any colors nor style it's very basic and versatile.

The brand of this is Push Thru if ever you see them again in any bazaars, don't think twice, just get it, you won't regret it I promise. Plus, the rainy weather is fast approaching, so better have one and at the same time stylish right?

This trendy monarch bandana is from Mazee PH, absolutely in love with the color. This accessory is the best way to complete the street look I'm going for. Don't you think? If there's one think I'm sure of is that a luxurious twist can be added by wearing this stylish monarch bandana.

My only pair of ripped jeans, yes I only have one. This is from Terranova and I can honestly say this brand is very known for the quality of their clothes - durable and long lasting through the years.

My white top from The Basic Girl that has such a soft fabric to my skin and not to mention the clothing material is very soft . It always good to have the basics stocked in your closet, you can never go wrong with basics. Something I've learned through the years.

My DIOR inspired sunnies from Wear Vintage PH which you'll probably been seeing all over my social media platforms since they are just my absolute favorite for this summer! Definitely a must-haves!

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