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So I'm starting this new segment in my blog. Yes you guessed it right! Monthly favorites. Since I'm such a sucker for quirky, cute and interesting things I decided to share to you all where to find these things. You'll notice most of the items are for home displays and accessories because I recently moved to my Dad's place in the south officially. So I finally sorta have that do-over chance for the room I've been dreaming of. So I decided to choose the items I want to display wisely and carefully.

Yes, my room is mostly white because it's just something I've really been wanting. Besides, it's partly my studio as well. Why white? because the things you add on such as magazines, book, lipsticks, etc are not always white so starting of as white as my base foundation, it can help you manage the colors you want to add on, if that made sense.

Also, I've also eyeing on the color gold and rose gold, so yeah you might see some DIY's home decorations soon! Stay tuned! So for now, hope you enjoy this segment.

1. So first of is this very adorable Canvas Bunting from Basic Provisions. 365 because obviously it the three numbers of my blog and also the days of a year. These are natural cotton canvas with the measurements of 6"L x 6"W. You could even have them customize! For inquiries and see more of their collection, you could go check out their website

Just so you could see how I decided to display it in my room. I used a transparent tape to stick it on the sides.

2. One of my top favorites as well is the items I received from the collaboration I had with Letter Note. Letter note is known to create fun products that spread good vibes. They basically want to excite, elate and inspire everyone to live joyfully.

You see those wall art frames on top of my ledge, those are from their collection. It's my daily reminder and as well as my inspiration.

To see more of their items, make sure to check out their website

3. Another item from Basic Provisions. If you've been following me on social media, you'll notice I have a love for mugs. I believe that you can never have enough mugs, I know I only have two hands but still, there's just something about mugs that I just love collection them.

An addition to my collection is the popular Enamel Mugs. Basic Provisions offers different sizes, 8 oz, 16 oz, 24oz. This one is the biggest, the 24oz and I can never seem to stop drinking coffee.

As a lifestyle blogger, I truly support Filipino made products, and this one is one of it. Enamel Mugs are hand-dipped steel products made in Cebu City, Philippines.

For inquiries and see more of their collection, you could go check out their website

4. The last item from Basic Provisions, I'm pretty sure by now you've already fallen in love with this brand like I did. Make sure to check out their website to see more of their collection. This is the Traditional Chinese Shears, who knew scissors can be so fancy. For inquiries and see more of their collection, you could go check out their website

Just a close up shot for you to see the golden details. If you look closely, it's actually gold dragons relief details. Amusing, I know.

5. If you know me personally, you would know that I have a sick addiction for cases, it started ever since I had the iPhone 3GS. I've just couldn't get enough of it. Especially now, people are just getting so creative to cases.

I also believe what ever design you case have also describes your personality. Am I right? or am I right? Haha kidding aside, it truly does, cause if you didn't like it, you wouldn't get it.

So the first case is from Crafty Cookie PH. Pineapples, my favorite tropical print and pink, my favorite color. So this case no doubt fits my personally. Then, the second case is from Crazey Knick Knacks which is a plain pink color. You'll always need basics.

6. Another product from Craft Cookies PH is their personalized handmade stickers by an architecture student and this is their Happy Cinco De Mayo collection. They are just too adorbs! I normally have this attitude of just collecting them and never really using it. I guess, whenever I just look at them, they make me at ease.

Make sure to check out her Instagram account @CraftCookiesPH to see more of their quirky items.

7. This surprise package I got from my Sample Room family. The new Olay skin whitening bar plus the bath essentials. I simply can't get enough of it. Thank you so much to my Sample Room for sending this over.

Remember, try before you buy!

8. So this one I just got in the mail recently. This is the Le Cord in the color Solid Robin. Le Cord is basically a premium mobile charger and sync cable designed to connect specifically to iPhone and iPad that has been certified to meet Apple performance standards. Their cords are thin and wrapped in knitted fabric for the best combination of design, feel and durability. Please be aware of, and avoid low price cables that are not MFI approved by Apple.

(reference :

I've only been using it for a day and so far I'm loving it. It feels very protected and very durable. To see more other designs and colors make sure to head over their website

9. Last but not the lease is this popular Anthropologie inspired mug from Glitter Box. Make-up bloggers usually have this for their brushes which I also used it for too. Got the letter "A" since that's my real name - Alexis. I just love the gold plating and classy feels it gives.

Real Techniques Brushes I got from Miguel's mom last Christmas

10. The World Map wall sticker I got from Lazada. Received the package really quick and easy to stick! One of the favorite corners of my room. A daily reminder that my goal is to travel the world before I die.

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